Fuck it! Thats all I gotta say. I hate to piss and moan, but there
is more bad blood in the Scene than in the Gaza Strip. It seems everyone
exists just to get back at someone else. Many people are tiring of the
whole thing and quitting. I dont know if its due to maturity levels,
cuz I dont know age averages or anything, or just really big egos.
I have noticed on thing though, its evident in the ANSi world more
than any other. It seems that hackers, musicians, pirates and VGA artists
can get along, but give a bunch of ANSi guys some time and they will
acquire some enemies. I want to stop short and say that I know most
artists can and do get along with each other, also I know that flame
wars have been around alot longer than I have, but still...cant we
all just get along? I want to give three cheers to everyone out there
who can peacefully coexist with his fellow artist
s f