C Antibody 1998
header...: Synthesis
requested: DarkSide - February? 98
notes....: Well, they never used this. A Shame?
A!B s y n t h e s i s
News goes here...
- team SYNTHESiS
synthesism emb ers
Leaders DarkSide
Coucil I dunno man!
Members Antibody, you-name-it.
Trials No clue...
synthesisgree ts
Groups Motiv8, Request2send, blah blah.
Personal Personals goes here...
synthesiscont act
Email Synthesis@hotmail.com
iRC Ask someone to invite you to synthesis on EFnet.
WWW Not present.
synthesissite s
SiteName SiteOps Speed Gigs Position
Apply Now Apply Now T3+ 10+ WHq
Apply Now Apply Now T1+ 5+ USHq
Apply Now Apply Now Cable 2+ CourierHq
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