C Antibody 1998
Fileid.dizs... see the rest of my ascii
in this pack for the headers. No comments here,
since it would be stupid to write the same
shit twice *hint* nfos and diz are usually
requested at the same time... Tried on most
of them to make the same style as the header.
Program title - 00/00
- --- oo/oo
: A!B
Place title of crack, etc. here
/A!B /
.::::::::/ :::C4A!:::/::::::::::.
Cracking4all blah blah, presents, mhh... +2 crc!
,- oo/oo
Golden Axe +2 Trainer !
/a!b/ / / / / / /
w a r r i o r
p r e s e n t