We Celebrate The 20th Birthday of
Pack :27 ArtPack Name: 20th Anniversary b-day Release Date: 03/01/2021
CoolPHat was founded on 08/08/2000 by CoaXCable Israel Muhmi Finland
After chatting over IRC a real frontal meeting @ the ASSEMBLY 2000 demoparty
in Finland. The groups main aim was having fun by producing all kind of arts!
After a real short time, Muhmi had to quit the group for his own real life.
The group gathered along the years many members from all over the world. It
was a fully international group that allowed people to express themelves in
the way the could, knew and wanted. You could find young junior school pupils,
academy students, artists, programmers, plumbers, IT managers, housewives,
composers, musicians, singers and others! that felt wanted digital
art to be a great fun for them. Being in a group motivated them to do things
they never exposed or tried before.
There were core members but you could see people joinning while other quitting
due to their own reasons: finished studies, changing work places, getting
married and so on. CoolPHat accepted guest members to help with releases and
productions. Some liked it more sone did not. It was a big talk by some of the
core members.
After a few years of the groups focusing the ArtScene ANSI, ASCII, HIRES
DemoScene, few of the members whom were programmers and networking elites,
offered to open a dev/utilities/tools section which was known as the
CoolPHat Vibes. The same happened with some of the musicians and composers who
wanted to focus on DJing/VJing so another sub section Named as the: CoolPHat
Vibes MP3.
in the end of year 2006, there was a big change in CoolPHat. CoaXCable whom
have been leading the group for many years, almost alone, had to take a real
long break for his real life: studies at academy and health issues. Some of
the other core members also had changes. Some of them quit art and demoscene
and never came back. Some, founded or joinned other demoscene or artscene
groups or just focused on the sub sections only. All the changes together,
made CoolPHat collapse and crash. CoaXCable got back from time to time with
some of the core members of the early days of the group, trying to gather all
back again, but it was hard. It had less motivation than it was at the
beginnig. Most of them were grown ups with families and solid workplaces. They
couldnt find much time for running the group as it was for many years. IT was
on and off going situation where the group had some members releasing but with
not much support.
In year 2019, CoaXCable returned back to Art Demoscene. In his mind was the
idea to revive CoolPHat by releasing artpacks and having intros or musicdisks
being produced.
In year 2021, There are already few projects going on!
Hopefully you enjoy them - CoaXCable