Castle Of Darkness by Coolhand
Castle Of Darkness by Coolhand
Castle Of Darkness
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S: Ear
Cos: Dr. Jekyll
Spyder Demon
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o-3 Day Warez
H/P/A/C/V Support
Ansi Demo Rip Vga
540 megs online
640 megs of H/P
1 Gig coming soon
USR 28.800 v.34
JoLT Distro
JoLT Member Board
Peace World Headquarters
CaNCeR World Headquarters
iDP World Headquarters
EVIL Western Headquarters
LeTHAL-NeT Western Headquarters
Insanity-Net Board
PMS Distro / Member Board
ASCii by coolhand.cnc
Kickin it in onenineninefour
greetz: pJp: So how does it feel to be an idol? :
VR : Any boards in VA?
DH : Keep up the flames!
nfo: If ya want an acsii or ansi by yours truly,
contact me in 7i4 on most boards, or thru
e-mail at