cia conspiracy #64 info by cia
cia conspiracy #64 info by cia
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the creators o
f intense art monthly newsletter
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Voyeur Introduction
:: . . written by napal
hooWAH! Welcome to 64.. finally! Sorry fo
r the delays, but we were all real
busy with filths little brother! No, really, it was sodium
s mom... anyway i
wanted to say hey to everyone and thanks for dealing with d
elays. Sorry to mr
quisling for leaving his name off the members list.. I don
t want to delay da
pack so ill get on with it..
id like to encourage everyone in cia and all over the scen
e to check out the
weekly blender2k contest! its a ton of fun and cia is owni
ng the competition
check for more info or find henni
fer on irc.
And now a few words from Moist Yoda:
MoistYoda fuck me you will... but gentle you must
be.. or i will use the
force upon you
MoistYoda fear is to anger
MoistYoda anger is to hate
MoistYoda hate is to suffering
MoistYoda suffering is to sex
MoistYoda sex is to your mother
MoistYoda may the fuck be with you
MoistYoda hrrrrmmmm
* MoistYoda puts his hand to his crotch
MoistYoda you may go now
And now a few words from a wet s
Intelligence Division
:: . . written
by spot
Well, its June.. whoop! Jeah, this is a good month. Austin
Powers is out and Wild Wild West coming soon. Not
even to mention that we got a great pack here.
Welp! As Im very sure youve no
tice. WERE LATE!! .. oh well.
Also, you might have noticed tha
t I am not Sodium. After being in cia for 3 month
s and not once actully making it onto the memberlist,
I decided to take over. Really! Well, that and Sod
ium is the new ansi head. But other then that small
detail, I threw him out. :
be too depressed tho, he is still here at the Intel of
fices. Or should I say, office. Thats one problem
about him leaving. I mean this is a amazing place
. Sodium told me not to mention this. but I have hidde
n cameras in all of the seniors houses. Woohoo!
and you all wondered how we kept them in line! eg
. But Sodium LEFT before he could finish the facility.
That Bitch! So, for now you can find Sod down wi
th Tim.... our janitor. He has a nice little close
t and it was hard as hell, but we finally got a little
stool and tv tray in there for his laptop. Hes al
l cozy now.
But remember, he has other dutie
s now. So he only comes into the office on frida
ys and weekends when his mother-in-law is in town. In
the meantime we are starting construction again on t
he rest of the complex. So check back next month
and mabey our friend Sodium will have his own chair.
oohhh aahhh!
Ok, t
he memberlist should be uptodate and accurate. If its
not Ill have Tim abuse Sodiumagain. ooh the pi
ntelligence Coordinator
Ansi Division
:: . . written by
sod i even had a theme song.. sodium sodium. he
kills and anakin and fucks
the queen.. he kills han solo and fucks princess lei
a.. hes the
baddest, most hung, sex machine in the galaxy, etc..
napalm info for the pack?
sod i didnt finish any.. just say wait
till next month
Hirez Division
:: . . written by
MAY, nearly summer, which is good
. For cold weather is not a source of excitm
ent for most, at least not drizzly cold weather. QUITE
well, eat canuckian bacon or somt
hin. this month was exciting, we had this asshol
e that calls himself mongoose rip some bill clinton ca
rtoon and win blender for us, but then AS HE RI
PPED IT, we like didnt win in the end. SO WED L
IKE TO GIVE A BIG FUCK YOU D00D to mongoose, for he is
truly a pedophile hermaphrodite gay person thing.
well SOME GOOD did come out of th
is month, NATE, our newest agent he does GRAPHI
C DESIGN flyers, blurbs, something of that sort. not
that fake design either, hes pretty good
then we gotzor SLOMOSHUN, hes ou
r newly recruited gay whore of savagecow, hes l
last but not least, we got ALFRED
, an extremely talented 3D and 2D artist! a great
addition to CIA, we WELCOME him
and ye
t another 3D guy, zeebit! he comes to us upon the invi
tation by digital interface, WELCOME HEH
i think thats all we did this mon
sincerely yours,
motherfucking nuts ..
we dont love you Eazy,
my nam
es Jerry,
you have no syrup,
for I
ate it last night !
Division HAZMAT ::
. . written by your secret admirer
I think i love you.
rature Division SCROLLZ ::
. . written by blue devil
Blue Devil here and I am quite excited to tell you what has
been happening
behind the scenes at SCROLLZ CIAs lit department. As you k
now in March we
left to debut in May on the web, but somehow someway we hav
e gotten lost
along the way but along the way we have picked up a lot mor
e of people and
before long will be ready to release our debut of releases
coming at you
with a Dual Issue Release. I would like at this time to in
troduce these new
comers to the group and to the scene faces you have never s
een Dark Chex,
Talon, Nest, Ianna, Juliashope, Seven Roses and Ivy, and Id
eya. If I forgot
anyone on this list please forgive me I never have had this
many people join
in one month in a span of one week. If you want to be apart
of the SCROLLZ
online experience email me at Prepare your
self for our
Second Coming.
c Division CHAOS ::
. . written by pt
pt i want some more mp3s
file packaged with the cia conspiracy number sixty f
newsletter ed
ited by spot of cia - voyeur font by argon of ice