01/99 Newsletter by CIA Productions
01/99 Newsletter by CIA Productions
WELCOME TO YET ANOTHER CIA PRODUCTIONS INFORMATION NOTIFICATION Welcome to the 60th CIA Conspiracy! In this pack you will find the most outstanding artwork found in the scene today, brought to you by the talent of the Creators. We have gained, and lost a few members in the last month, but never the less, CIA continues to grow stronger through the dedication and talent of our members. WELCOME TO YET ANOTHER CIA ANSI DIVISION INFORMATION NOTIFICATION BEGININTRO After last months insanely long 450 line infofile, Im gonna keep my part short and sweet. Since I took over the ansi division 5 months ago the number have QUINTUPPLED + 1. We now weigh in at a BEEFY 26 members Neat. Im still waiting for the day each and EVERY one of decide to submit. I cant bitch too much, I didnt finish my shit this month either. I used a bit of my pic as the header above, but thats only 80x40 of my 160x150 line .bin. The members have arrived, and the arts on the way. Theres only a few things left I need to do in our mission to scene dominance, and you members will notice them over the next few months. Anyways.. on with the next sEX-sHUN. ENDINTRO BEGINMEMBERLISTING Ill start with the bad news. ChronicC is gone, abandoned us for that small-going-no-where group Avenge. jokes On with the good news .. Taking his place we have 5 eager agents, namely: Gloss ............ you know, the one from iCE. Phoman ........... yeah, phoGLUEman.. that guy. theCHEF .......... ready to COOK UP some rad ansi. hyuk hyuk Kingpin Octopus .. releasing a TON of shit this month.. from Russia 4th Disciple ..... who? Kidding. Last but not least.. make above SIX eager agents Subsonic ......... no, not the one in our VGA department, the ORIGINAL subsonic in CIA. Back from a fried hard drive and all. Whos next? YOU! ENDMEMBERLISTING BEGINENDINGSHIT 1 I wanna say thanks AGAIN! to Prosthesis for doing yet ANOTHER header this time for the member listing. 2 All members who have not yet been added to the Ansi Division mailing list, get in touch with me ASAP on irc or at cow@worshipper.com 3 How many of you checked out the Ecolove packs last month after I mentioned them in here? -savageCOW cow@worshipper.com WELCOME TO YET ANOTHER CIA HIREZ DIVISION INFORMATION NOTIFICATION BEGININTRO HELLO. what the hell is with this dark grey, completely GOTH. this month is neato, for some reason Ive cranked out fifty billion pieces of art, the WONDERS of a four day weekend. the rest of the division has done quite well too! despite some losers that were too busy watching big black dudes running around in spandex that like to collide in mid-air while *gASP* going uH uH oNE tWO uH uH WE HAVE A GOOD DEAL of QUALITY ART. YES!. so enjoy your VIEWING and stuff. whats that ? YOUD RATHER LOOK AT PORN ? well fuck U D00d, CIA HIRES IS BETTER THAN PORN. WE HAVE BUFFEUROCHIXtm, THANK PIKE. KEEP READING! I PROMISE I WONT BABBLE MUCH LONGER! ENDINTRO BEGINMEMBERLISTING NO NEUE MEMBERS THIS MONTH! i declare, WHAT THE HELL! join cia right now you silly willys out thar!@ we provide PORN, WAREZ, IRC S3X0R1NG, AND MORE! you may even find time to dabble with the pixels a bit. uhmm so to sum this section up, THERE ARE NO NEUE MEMBERS WELCOME TO YET ANOTHER CIA ASCII DIVISION INFORMATION NOTIFICATION BEGININTRO wow, quick month for the hazmat drawers of ascii. just re-instating the fact that.. we aint going away. new to us this month is tesko suicide, and t-bob. whos this tesko guy anyways? you know him. maybe his old nick rings a bell astrocreep? astro?? not that guy from mimic? uh huh, and a bit of oh yea.introducing t-bob for your viewing pleasure. guys got some nice art, youll be seeing a whole lot more from this guy in packs to come. bad news.. leaving us this month, was zerostar. he got an invite from remorse, good luck with your new group. i better see you owning the pack. in nick changes noktor is now knownas schoolkid. and i dont like using capitals is that bad? ENDINTRO BEGINMEMBERLISTING team leaders :: . dark entity de de@kracked.com . jack phlash jp jp@demonic.net . cat-dog cd! adoran@hotmail.com agents :: . dorm drm dorm69@hotmail.com . rage rg rage!@hempseed.com . rippa left rp rippa@hotmail.com . jandor ?? jandor@purg.com . schoolkid sk chadtech@usa.net . minister 666 --------------------- . euphorik u4 jblalick@interconnect.net . tesko suicide ts korn613@hempseed.com . t-bob t-bob soconnor@javanet.com ENDMEMBERLISTING WELCOME TO YET ANOTHER CIA SCROLLZ DIVISION INFORMATION NOTIFICATION BEGININTRO When a mans heart is full of deceit, it burns up, dies, and a dark shadow fallsover his soul. From the ashes of a once great man has arisen a curse, a wrong that must be righted. He looked to the skies for a vindicator. Someone to strike fear into the black hearts of the very men who created him. The battle between good and evil has begun. Against an army of shadows comes a dark warrior. A prevailer of good, with a voice of silence and a mission of justice. This is Blue Devil. Original Dialogue was used for STING Well yeah I know its another month and yes damn it Im still watching too much wrestling. Well this month a lot of shit has gone down. Definately not a lot of good things. Im not gonna sit and caterwall like a little bitch, like the assholes in revolt think I am going to do.I am going to say only one thing to them. You couldnt look us in the eye so u stabbed us in the back. Unfortunately for you it was not good enough. You want competition you got it. Moving right along well this month I had to remove some eye sores from the group. Two of em were involved with revolt and that is claypool and nukedream. May they have fun in that group cause they fit the group mentality perfectly. The other person I had to kick out was Leacai basically she let her loser boyfriend Dj Lethal who was kicked out of cia 4 months ago talk her into trying to take the channel over. All I can say is now they can be alone and grow fat and ugly together. Now the goodnews.... Yes I do have some goodnews! 4th disciple that fatty from Dark has hooked up with us. Inazone from iCE has told me he plans on making several guest appearances real soon so look forward to him in future packs. My dynamic women Pinguino and Evil Lynn have returned from their covert ops to start releasing again. Martyr on his shore leave from the army found time to send lit to us. I also would like to mention Civid has stayed around and not disappeared for 3 months again. I would like to thank shine from black maiden and Nstalkie from SOULS for their guest this month. One last final thing, I have always been the under-dog when it comes to competition and to tell you the truth I like it. Cause when my back is to the wall, I am in my finest hour. So go ahead and bring it on. Like it or not Scrollz is a yearold come next month. We have shown we can last under the most dire situations and continue to prosper. So what ever you may do, what ever you may try, we wont die. Remember kids this under-dog has one hell of a bark and a bite. Blue Devil Scrollz Founder and Leader ENDINTRO SIDE NOTE i feel neglected.. im back too! Be sure to check out my story, its a story rather than a poem, some of you may enjoy it more.. read my note in it! ralgoth END SIDE NOTE
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