01/99 Members by prst / crayON/OFF
01/99 Members by prst / crayON/OFF
Head Honchos
president : Burning Chrome
vice president : Napalm
Coordinating Members
Ansi : Savage Dragon aka savageCOW
Ascii/Hazmat : Dark Entity
Lit/Scrollz : BlueDevil
Hirez Division : Ikarus
Music Division : pt
Coding Division : Vibrance
Communications : Tarsin
Wizard of Id Sudden Death
Tron Mr. Muff
Ansi Agents
Savage Dragon Fever
Napalm Filth
Mighty Mouse Spear
Sodium agent42
Cleaner Prosthesis
Killah Priest Sultan
Smoke Crimson Skye
Cleaner Ellisdee
Twoxfh Vader
Whitey Minister
Lord Scarlet Gloss
theCHEF 4th Disciple
Kingpin Octopus Phoman
Subsonic 1
Ascii Agents
dorm Dark Entity
rage Jack Phlash
cat-dog Minister
Euphorik school kid
Gloss Jandor
MBrand0 tesko suicide
M-goh t-bob
VGA Agents
Maligore Agent 42
Milie Arsonic
Mortalgod Da Bonehead
Napalm Digital Interface
Pike Dirtydog
Raptor Dominion
Rob Savage Dragon
Fire From Heaven Sinister X
Ghostface Spire
Ikarus Subsonic 2
Incognit0 Sunday
Litoz Telstar
Lk Zelkor
Magician Zuel
Literature Liasons
Agent-99 Gloss
Arrogance Jandor
Blue Devil Julian Sunstar
Cinimin Keerus
Civid Klumzee
Ralgoth Demoz
Cleaner Maldoror
Crimson Skye Martyr
Crowe Mystery
Darkmoon 4th disciple
Devestator Pinguino
Dissonance Rogan-X
Eterna Ripsaw
Elissdee Vader
Evil Lynn Volatile
Frozen Napalm Death
Web Team
Twoxfh Shelley
Blue Devil Napalm
Mighty Mouse LordScarlet
lk Delysid
Music Team
Purple Tentacle F7
Rogan-X Nihlmyst
Mortalg0d Dark Entity
Contacting CIA
Homepage ....... http://cia.dynip.com
FTP Site . ftp://cia.dynip.com l:anon
BBS ....... apocalypse @ 201-934-5613
Yell really really loud.
What does it mean?
yellow - a new agent on our hands
white - has submitted this month
grey - has not submitted/contacted
dark - inactive, to be removed next
month unless conact is made.
* thanks to prosthesis AGAIN! and crayON/OFF for this outline!
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  • 01/99 Members
  • author
  • prst / crayON/OFF
  • group
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  • date
  • 1999-02-01
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  • width: 80
    height: 149
    icecolors: no
    letter spacing: not specified
    legacy aspect: not specified
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