B R E E D tm
The New Breed of ELiTES
Breed: b7d A.-S brdancp. g. bruten, A.-S brd, BROOD
To bring forth, to give birth to, to raise, to rear,
to give rise to, to yield, to produce, to develop,
to educate.
We are the new BREED of artists, we came to be on an idea
thought of by our senior members of a fun group. One with
no deadlines, no hassle, just kick-ass art. We are present-
ly looking to acquire those of the new BREED, those who
have what it takes to join our ranks. Do you have what it
We are presently in need of good coders and especially
ansi artists. To apply, fill out the application in the en-
closed application generator. Then send it to one of these
BREED Member and Site Boards
Board Name Position Number SysOp
The Sno-Zone WHQ 613 025-0652 Henchman
Looking for more... ...... .............. ........
BREED Member List
Senior Members
Henchman, UltraViolet
VGA Artists
Henchman, Blood Lust
Ansi Team
Henchman Interm
Practical Joker
Mod Squad
Your Name Here, ?
Look for our next pack... on...
oh, fuck it! we dont know.
Sometime soon, hopefully!?!?!