Ascii logo cluster by Darklord
Ascii logo cluster by Darklord
I decided to put my work in a cluster this month, dont know why, just thought
it would be stupid to have 10 files with one ascii logo in each. Actually, I
an out of inspiration this month, still some of these logos are the best Ive
ever made! Its a bit ironic, dont you think ?
All requests should be mailed to, or leave a message for me at
Slam City +47-22509492, my own board. Enjoy the cluster, and watch for more
stuff next month.
---------None---------------------------------------Bamboosh 1------------
ll ll l ll ll l
---------None---------------------------------------Bamboosh 2------------
: m mmP4s,. ,sP4P4s,. P4s,. m mm :
. sss b. b. b. ss .
.d dkl b.
b,,d b,,dS,
SSs,. bamboosh 1996 .,sSS
---------None---------------------------------------Ampersand ----------
,adba, ssssssss ssss ssssssssss
s ss s ssssss ,sSP 4Ss.
SP4 ampersand - dedicated to Eeerie
S and all the former members of samsara
---------Grimmy-------------------------------------Brain Blower-----------
,siS ,siS
,---- lPYSis. -- lPYSis. ------.
: l l l l :
: l ,l l ,l dkl :
-- - Sbs,..,sdS - SSbs,..,sdS - ---
bRaiN blOWeR - itS elEeT!
thA OpERatOr iS gRimMy
---------Rexazy-------------------------------------Digital Motion 1------
,s@S ,s@S ,s@S ,s@S ,s@S ,s@S
Ss. qqqq Sq qS qqq qqqq
---------Rexazy-------------------------------------Digital Motion 2------
,s@S ,s@S ,s@S ,s@S ,s@S ,s@S
,s@S dkl
: : : s : : : Ss : : : s.s s.sss qqqq s.s
The 2 Digital Motions logos are basically the same, just did a few changes on
the second one, just a stupid attempt to do something creative
---------Bloodlust----------------------------------Dead On Time-----------
,sPYi ,sPYs.iP s.
s s ss sil l il li l lis ss s s
dkl : : : : : : bmb
b.Sbs.dS SbssdS Sbs..dS,d
SSs. dead on time - its eleet .sSS
---------None---------------------------------------Slam City--------------
the day i make up an original font,
: ,sS the world is going : under
Ss. :. .: norways fastest artboard
.sS :. Ss.S S sysop is darklord / bmb.shade
S.S dklS S :
slamcity+47-2elitewanna ,sS . : ,sS . be4you! :
: Ss. :. S ,qqq :
---------Invisible Evil-----------------------------The Other Galaxy-------
.sS ,sSPY il li
iP il l : :
.: l l : : :.
l : : bSbssd l
: bSbssdS d! :
SbssdS,sss ss sss s dP
Sss sss ss ss ss ss P dkl.bmb 4bS ss s sss ssS
---------Speedy ?---------------------------------Download---------------
l l ll ,S l ll ll l l
the art of leeching!
---------Speedy ?---------------------------------Upload-----------------
::::: ,sS ,sS ,sS ,sS ,sS ::::dkl
::::: :iii: :iii: :iii: :iii: :iii: :iii: :::::::
::::: ii .iS ii ii ii ii :::::::
Logo cluster for 1296 by Darklord / Bamboosh completed.