.oO( Anime Girl 2 )Oo. by intellius
.oO( Anime Girl 2 )Oo. by intellius
happy anniversay
year in the art scene, and this is all I can come up with? :
I guess i didnt have the time to finish the rest of her body,
so just use your imagination and picture it in your mind... :-
I guess you already know by now that bamboosh is celebrating its
one year anniversary this month, so I would like to thank and
greet some dudes that has made this an exciting year for me:
pyx and phobic - thanks for letting me join bamboosh from the
start and for beeing so god damn nice to me. : darklord - thanks for your nice e-mails that remind me of things I forget, and for helping me and pyx.
all of bamboosh - I see you all are talented, and hope that you
will all keep on drawing for at least another
all of deranged - thanks for trying to give us some norwegian
competition on the scene... : I think you also have been around for about a year, so happy
anniversary to you too!