vp menu cluster by kyp
vp menu cluster by kyp
K y p s S t u f f
Velvet Park 28k8: 04961-76945 lots of anime, ansi k
thank ya for
calling the ..velvet park.. kyp/bm
velvet parkmainmenu k
o page Kabutowari
p write a message to sysop
k write a messy to Kyp
c change conference a change filearea u upload something cool
boobabobob download
search search a file bm change to BM conference user change usersettings doors let me play..
apply Id like your board
to be whq/ghq/distro vpork enter the Velvet Pork, palace of PeterBond..
name: 123456789012345
pwd: velvet +++ park
stupid infotext
.. put here
.. AnsiArt AsciiArt Demos Music VGA Pics Affiled Boards
call the vp today: +49.4961.76945
Ansi by Kyp of Black Maiden 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890
This pack Ive tried again some other styles. I began with the North American but as there are very much good artists with that style already Ive changed
to the Japanese, in my eyes a very nice style which finds more and more
supporters. To proof that I havent forgotten about logos Ive included
the last screen, nothing special at all.
These screens are dedicated to the velvet park, an upcoming sceneboard.
Please do not rip this pics for your bbs, thank ya.
Id like to greet all Black Maiden member, all AnarchyNet dudes especially
4eyes, Assign, Buster, Codey, Jey, kabutowari, Malice and Mysterio,
everybody at the fsn and citylink and also Chavez, Cirion, Cosmic, Gunman,
Nail and Trate.
If youd like to chat about ansis or whatsoever, feel free to contact me:
Markus, Fido: 2:2426/4125.3