little eye tutorial by kyp
little eye tutorial by kyp
After Voices and Avengers ansitutorials Id like to add my
part. Well, it should help ya drawing the Japanese style.
First of all, whats the most important of this Style? The
eyes, correct. So lets start of with them. In the next pack
Ill include a whole animefigure tutorial, but to be honest
Im not in mood for this now, sorry..
Lets use light-red as skincolour, its always a good choice.
blank the eyehole, have a look the basic eye...
at a manga to see how to
draw this one.
fill the other part with An anime-eye always shading I: shade the white
white eyecolour.. needs a white spot in spot with light-grey, as
the eye, mostly in the thats also a background
upper part. That indi- colour. Not too much, best
cates where she looks to. at just one side.
Then draw a line at the Now shade the bottom line.
lower part with her As its a dark colour,
eyecolour, maybe brown. shade it with black. Put
At has to be a dark a shining spot into it,
colour, so 0-7. light blue on blue etc.,
put it near the white spot.
whoops, that was a big just a little, pay
step and needs explain- attention that you dont
ation. Anime-eyes often shade too much. With the
are darkened at their time youll get it.
top, as the eye lies in Well, then youve to
a hole. To do this just shade the eyehole itself.
shade a little the top Figure it out, mostly
with light-grey. Always youll change this hole
now, but thats ok.
If you shade the area around the eye now, youll notice that youve the possibility to smooth the white to
light-red side.
Your eye is finished. Now draw an animeface on paper,
or take a manga if youre no good at drawing. Compare
the size of your eye with your manga and draw the
basic face, without mouths or anything. Leave it open
at the top, as hair style is quite complicated. Now
draw the nose, next the mouth. Isnt too difficult,
have a look at my things for example. Now the hair: dont make too fine stripes
into it, and youve to find a middle between hanging black hair into the face
and the normal haircolour. Well, youll learn a lo if you try this part, as
its the most difficult.
At last shade a little more. Then have a last look at your pic, and youll find
some things to improve on yer own. Im sorry I havent got the time to show
you the rest, but Im going to repair our hoover boover now.. Sukks.. kyp