Knossos  circa. 1900 BC by filth
Knossos circa. 1900 BC by filth
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jelly fizh
sysops: toon goon / nivenh co: neuropsychosis / red dragon
evolutionmag world hq, nokturnal mag western hq, fire site
paramountcentral hq, cia member, ice member, jihad member
impulse bbswhq, shiver member, pursuit member, illness emag
kathersis ascii site, undergrown emag, voidNET, mriNET, cipNET
paraNET, codeNET, twingleNET, essenceNET
f i l t h * i 6 7
ayo, waddup to the iRC homies who came along on the ride through this ANSi:
zeromous, abstrakt, cthulu, the knight, smooth, tainted x,
andyh, knocturnal, warpus, zylone.
thats right, iRC greetz in an iCE ANSi by filth in 2022. RPRZNT!@