what the f4? by ANT
what the f4? by ANT
b l o c k t r o n i c s
r i o t s q u a d
Peace outside
an exclusive collection of art from blocktronics members all over the galaxy
rock n roll
what the f4
droppin like meteors
the b7 high score
ansi defeatores
what the f4
rainbow makers
builders with block
all of the colors
rise from the cup what the F 4?
im solid no dither what the F 4?
no half block no quitter
my fox and the killer
a half open window
the b7 high score
the b7 mayhem
takin down the city ansi defeatiores.
like a fuckin cyclone
only ours is pretty
bitch you cant slow me
from workin on ansi,
always on the lowkey
b7 show piece,
weed farmers couldnt grow
drop these blocks
with great ease
I was going to make a song to go with the release of this ansi, but unfortunate unforeseen problems of laryngytis made it so I was unable to record the vocals for the song. This will be released on a later date. I hope you all enjoy the art, and the lyrics to the song.
I am happy and proud to be a member of the B7 crew, and am glad that I have such a great group of guys friends from all over the world that have helped me step my art game up. Much love and respect from the middle of buttfuck egypt, Michigan. -ANT