To all interested Low Rez artists:
OK. Here is my idea. It may be a miserable failure. Well see how it goes.
Im going to attempt to leave this PabloDraw server running 24/7. Come in,
contribute some work, etc. If youre going to disconnect, SAVE. I certainly
dont put it past people to just CLEAR and kill everyones work. Hopefully no
one will, but be prepared for it. I think the best way to do this is to have
a theme for the pic. Rather than be selfish and have it be for Idle Dreams
or the new name, Sixteen Colors would be what I would use lets do it for
Pilgrimage My basic concept for such a pic is
people treking across the land. possibly including a caravan of cars, whatever.My mind is designed to think in smallscale and I know most of you dont work
that way. I figure it can raise in scale as you go down the pic and the people
get closer to you. Anyway. Id love to make this massive joint work. 5
artists. 10 artists. Whatever we can get. Make your contribution where you
think it could be best used outlines, coloring, shading, background, font,
whatever. If you would, keep a log so that we have an idea of whats going on.
THEME: Pilgrimage lord scarlet, May 04, 2004
01 Dream
05 years
17 artists
xiang ce
p r e s e n t s . . . .
or suffer the consequences..
Thanks for believing, Doug!
Ansi Credits
22:09GMT May 04 2004
Lord Scarlet
: Initial concept written and server started
23:08GMT May 04 2004
Lord Scarlet
: First few small sillhouettes and wild haired smallscale dude. No shading
yet. Just outline and coloring.
23:45GMT May o4 2oo4
: drew some mountain things, some tree silohuettes, birdz, and a weird windy
road - started to give it some colour because the gray was hurting my eyes!
01:00GMT May 04 2004
: Pink Duck. Close-up flower. House.
03:20GMT May 05 2004
Zero Vision
: Raven
03:58GMT May 05 2004
Lord Scarlet
: Added blonde chick, VW bus. Little people on the trail. Stole aesthetics
footprints and fixed the perspective.
04:06GMT May 05 2004
Avenging angel avg
: Added woman and man on grass holding eachover
11:12GMT May 05 2004
Zero Vision
: Added rocks with protruding trees. Snake.v1
18:00GMT May 05 2004
: some minor modifications as to the placement of the rocks/trees
as well as the dog and man/woman seems to be better for the whole of
things oh and a lake .. some more footsteps..
winners dont use drugs. and goddamn - ive devoted the last 24 hours of my
life to this.. maybe more.. im a loser baby.
00:12GMT May 05 2004
zero vision
:Admiral ackbar makes an appearence, added some branches at the top
:created alien transportation module, figure in the shadows ...
:trying to fuse the norm and the odd
: Added gas mask dude
20:48DutchTime : May 06 2004
:started outline of some weird wolf like dude at bottom
17:00GMT May 06 2004
Lord Scarlet
: started crappy zombie guy
17:15GMT May 06 2004
Lord Scarlet and Nootropic
: Made a decision to go back to the original composition idea and remove the
portal. If thats a major problem, let us know. I LS also cleaned up the
composition a bit. All removed items are saved if they need to return.
hmm.. Im not sure about this decision. Noot is afraid that were changing
everything just because of a little doodle by him. hmmmm.....
9:43am may 07 2004
avenging angel
: Drew some knocked out whore under the footpath. dunno
00:47GMT+1 May 07 2004
: added some color to guy that was supposed to be a zombie from the start.
i drew parts of the jacket, made it brown. Added a backbag. uhm thats it.
02:08GMT May 07 2004
:drew a hitchhiker and messed with the ls zombie, his face and details
01:50pm my time, fuck GMT May 07 2004
:drew the footpath transition to the hitchhiker and added a rock on the way,
also fixed his legs. Dood, telling
what I did is pretty boring..... you simply ARE pretty boring d0od..
but i still luv ya..
03:58pm May 07 2004
:Added top bg layout and shaded the remaining area, new bg mountains, nem bg sh ading on light purple/dark purple and dark purple/dark red. Bottom bird shading touch-ups.
05:55pm May 08 2004
:changed bunches of the background work.. erased the leaf behind the logo
The switch from the red raven background into purple could still use work..
LS brought back the birds and were slowly making some progress...
22:43GMT May 08 2004
:added a tree next to the former ls zombie. we reverted back to original idea
we fixed up ls guy and incorporated him into the scene better. the hos were
out of proportion now so they had to be removed or maybe put back in further up
02:35DutchTime : May 09 2004
:Added the screaming dude outline
sometime May 09 2004
:added some smoothness to the screaming dude outline
16:00DutchTime : May 09 2004
:Gave the former ls zombie a little compagnon for his journey :
04:17GMT May 13 2004
dark apprentice
:I did some coloring, tried to stay in between the lines P. also played with
with the outline a bit. original zombie artist will see where I helped.
well, i hope i helped.
sometime May 13 2004
:drew a wicked im-in-pain hand for the big screaming guy. shaded some.
later, took it out cause people complained.
sometime May 14 2004
:drew some on the background around the dog and hiker and alot on the big guy
changed concepts after what seph suggested, walk off the path into hell
drew a sign to convey the concept and drew some tortured souls or insanity
fixed priests wrist angle added long sleves.
: random bleeps and bloops, shading, im drunk, 3
11:30 May 15 2004
:been working on the screaming guy a bit, also touched the path on the
zombies right. 3
14:56CST May 18 2004
: fuding around with blocks, like a mad layer of bricks
00:00 May 20 2004
: Pilgram-AGE logo -- from peace to anarchy, like the ansi?
6:30pm Central US/Canada time.
Access Denied
: shaded some ghouls, worked on BIG ASS STAY BIG -- EVERY LETTER w00p
with tainted, who had to run off to the club for some poon tang. kthx.
20:17 May 20 2004
: Yes, I am responsible for the evil cat!
20:20 may whatever it is
I did... something... for 30 minutes... but Im not sure what
7:00pm Central USA/Canada time, May 21st.
Tainted X and Access Denied
: Laid out ph4t bl0x on the HUGE pilgrimmage font. and yes, I said huge.
05:00:22 Mon May 24 2004
: pilgrimage logo/font outline complete, added various quirky fx, started
shading/colouring... will continue when i am no longer tired and burned
out :
9:00pm Central USA/Canada time, May 24th, 2004
Access Denied
: general shading on pimlgrimage logo/font, will touch up later.
02:19 Brazil -3 GMT, May 16th 2009
: Five years after LordScarlet has started this ansi May 2004, enzO is in
the house to finish it! Edited, shaded and deleted a lot of stuff in order
to get this thing done, so, thanks to everyone who participated and big props
to Lord Scarlet... You are the man, Doug!