Welcome to Blocktober Pumpkin Carving Challenge
Trick-or-treating the hell out of 2016! Welcome to another We asked our artists and fans on social media to remix an ANSi
pointless NFO file, where those who are brave enough to read it pumpkin outline to celebrate Halloween and the result was stunning.
waste precious minutes of their lives.
Check out the files named with Pumpkinby to view all the
This way we strongly recommend you skip this and jump directly submitted entries. And of course, thanks to everyone who have
to appreciate all the beautiful artworks created by our artists participated! You bloody sexy talented rascals! Love you all!
from all around planet Earth, except TCF and ungennant, which
are clearly extraterrestrials!
We really would like to thank all the artists and people who Pumpkintronics Art Book
supported us in this big journey to release a new ANSi art pack
in 2016, which takes a lot of hard work 89 days slacking off Actually we were so pumped up lol...see what I did here? by the
and 01 day to get everything done. Pumpkin Carving Challenge entries that we thought that would be a
good idea to put all of them in a book, thats right...
You guys are AAAMAZING with triple AAA!
You may be wondering WTF4 the guys in Blocktronics know about books?
We hope you somehow find inspiration through the works weve Well, not much...some of us actually HAVE books which we pretend to
created with love in this pack. read to impress the ladies, etc.
Happy ANSi Halloween 2016! But the point is, its a digital art book filled with ANSi art
illustrations of PUMPKINS!!! Sensational ANSi pumpkins btw.
What else could want in life?
ANSi + Photography Series by Whazzit
So you can download this meta-book-wannabe PDF file for free here:
Now you are thinking...After that book, what else they will
come up with?. Well, were not done yet, son.
Blocktronics artist Whazzit, from Canada, has been releasing
really innovative ANSi art based series since our last pack,
check out the stunning NHL players he released in Blockn Roll. Where to go from here
This time he presents another groundbreaking series that mixes We recommend you share your love feedback with the artists
his passion for ANSi art with photographies he has taken during that made this art pack possible.
his trips to several asian countries.
Let them know how much you appreciate their work or just to say
The artworks bring typical scenes in countries like Japan, Hi! Please draw more ANSi beavers!.
South Korea, Vietnam and more, with ANSi art characters with
traditional outfits. Check out our website to learn how to get in touch with them:
Whazzit is indeed the whole package, ladies and gents!
Make sure to follow him on instagram too @whazzitb7.
Good Vibes to the Segaric Family Find us on Social Media
This pack is dedicated to Ivan Segaric and his family, in memory Facebook: fb/blocktronics
of his beloved mother. Twitter: @blocktronics
YouTube: blocktronicsOrg channel
Our prayers are with you and your family, mate! Instagram: @blocktronics