My name is
dogetronics - blockalypse
artpack 7
feb 28 2014
New pack, So wow.. such cool. Many
arts, so 16 colours such wow!
Welcome to yet another pack from us
silly, immature, retarded, backwards,
odd, demented, christian wirthed fuckers!
Our last pack acid trip was released on
November last year, and one main reason that
this pack was delayed was because IT WAS A DAMN
HARD PACK TO BEAT!, like seriously impossible!.
Also the fact that out fellow doodleboys were on holidays. Initially i wanted
to release this pack as a new year pack, but seeing as our last pack was in
november we soon realised that this was unachievable. But i hope the wait for
this pack was worth it, id like to thank everyone who drew for this pack, it
is truly remarkable that in 2014 people worldwide still care about what we do.
Not just fellow artists, but fans and aarons lovely wife toni. We love you all!
Also, id like to thank enzo for being nice enough to release this pack in my
Lets hope that the ball keeps rolling this year for us doodlelovers and we keep
pressing on with this artwork that makes ladies weak at the knees and aaron
pee his panties.
** On a serious note, matt yee.. he doesnt own a functional car.. lets donate
to the matt yee fund so he can finally get to work on time **
I was going to start a lets buy keith nadolny a razor fund, but he didnt sub
this pack, so he can keep his lice infested beardage for another 6 years
Much love, Ivan the tree lover.
Dear Blocktronics Artist,
Talent, inspiration, motivation and friendship. You did it again! In this 7th
pack, Blocktronics brings once again the joy of the good and old digital
text mode art made by passionated artists that keep exploring new ways
to express themselves. You guys, are absolutely amazing! YES, YOU ARE!
Some people claim ANSI is an outdated and limited media, but I truly believe
limitation comes from our own minds, once you set it free, there is nothing
you cant do if you really really want it. The Blocktronics legacy is about
a community sharing experience, translated to art. Sharing different
perspectives of life, imagination and realities.
Keep searching, keep believing and, mostly important, keep making art about
whatever inspires, motivates or keeps you happy. The 2014 journey has just
begun and we are ready for all the exciting adventures ahead.
your long time admirer, enzO
FEB 28 2014
artwork by
artwork by avg and enzO B7