This has ever been the fate of energy in security it takes to art and to
eroticism, and then comes languor and decay.
- H.G. Wells, The Time Machine
What happens to us in the future? Do we become assholes or something?
- Marty McFly, Back to the Future
b l o c k t o t h e f u t u r e
fil67 blocktronics
Everyone, right now, is living in our past. They just dont realize it.
When we were living in the present in the past, we were pioneers. Nothing
was taken for granted because it was the first steps towards an unknown
Communication with people everywhere. Thats a bold fucking stride of tech-
nology. And we were there to watch it all happen. As every year goes by and
becomes part of the past, something new builds from that and the cycle goes
on and on. Typically, that was a good thing. Exchanging ideas. Expressing
thoughts. The past we called the present seemed pretty excited about the
In that past, people were sitting at home setting up networks to connect with
other like-minded people in their town.
The people in those towns started setting up networks to connect with other
like-minded towns in their state.
The people in those states started setting up networks to connect with other
like-minded states throughout the country.
All the like-minded, connected people in the country would soon set up net-
works across borders to connect with like-minded people in various countries.
The people in those countries would soon set up networks that would venture
across the vast seas and into other continents.
And who are these people that were the first to casually set off a chain
of events that would later connect the masses across the globe via satellites
beaming down information to a thing called the internet?
People like us. People from the underground. No mainstream anything would
exist with out people like us down below laying foundations. Sure, mainstream
gets the most attention. Why? Its presented to them in a generic way to apply
to the masses. But at the core of the mainstream are those that took it
amongst themselves to push boundries. The underground loves the challenge
to make things happen. It then reflects the absolute integrity of those in-
And on the artistic side of that, here we are.
Weve continued the core of artistic integrity from the past. Here we are
living in the masses idea of the present.
Here we are: Block to the Future
xoxo - filth / josh / november 22nd, 2Ol5