July 6, 2016
Welcome to Blocktronics Blockn Roll!
We come from different places, we speak different languages and
we have distinct beliefs but, in the end, ANSi art, our commom
ground, brings us together once again.
Music has the same magic, it makes different people get together
to celebrate and, for a moment, forget and forgive all the differences
that were never really relevant.
This is the spirit weve created for Blockn Roll, a moment of
celebration, our way to show the world we love this retro digital
art forgotten by everybody else but that still have a safe and special
place in our hearts.
Hearts that beat and sound like a rockn roll song every time
we see the beauty of a new textmode artwork.
I invite you to play, listen, feel and live this emotion with us!
- Luciano Ayres Blocktronics
Artpack Notes
Rockn Roll Album Cover Challenge
We asked blocktronics artists to draw their favorite rockn roll album
covers in ANSi and the result is spectacular.
Can you guess all the bands and albums?
Neural Network Collaborative Project
Weve teamed up with software engineer Casey Rodamor, author of a
Neural Network capable of generating ANSi art to create collaborative
pieces with our artists. Yes, you read it right. Machine talented human
artists producing inspiring ANSi art for the first time in history.
Special Thanks
Thanks to all the artists that made this pack a reality and viewers for
the amazing support on social media.
To Whazzit for the invaluable help organizing this pack. You rule, buddy!
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Artwork by filth Blocktronics