by filth by filth
that crack-rockblocktronic beat drums on.
f i l t h b l o c k t r o n i c s 2 0 1 3
rr // the historical preservation of fucking awesome shit
maintained by oldschool pal: lord scarlet, who once did an ansi of
sarah michelle geller. why? because it was fucking awesome shit to do.
i know im spelling her name wrong. life goes on.
100 all organic ansi by filth of the blocktronics mayhem squad 2013
how weird: i was fourteen years old the first time i released an ansi. so
that means, i had not released any ansi for fourteen years until
my very first one. i was nineteen when i released my last ansi.
now, at the fine wine age of thirty-two, im releasing an ansi for
the first time since i was nineteen. which was fourteen years
this is dedicated to all the nice nordic doodleboys of finland
Minulla ei ole aavistustakaan, miten Kattava kielivalikoima.
????????? Misuta Supakoru