You fire my light..
BLOCKTRONICS - 4LL Y0U N33D 15 4N51 10V3! - August 25th 2017 1nf0f1l3 howdy fine people who have taken some time out of their busy schedules to take a look at what have have come to make collectively this august. ANSILOVE.. its all you need bro! like most ansi packs that are just about to drop, it always seems like the pack wont make release day as you only ever really get most of your subs for the pack around the last week mark, the two months prior to releasing a pack consists of: OMG OMG WHY HASNT ANYONE SUBBED WHY WHY? DO PEOPLE HATE ME? DO WE HAVE TO KILL BLOCKTRONICS, WILL I EVER BE A FATHER? WHERE THE FUCK IS CHRIS LEWIS I NEED HIS WISDOM RIGHT NOW!!! I was worried that Chris was missing, i really was, i would private msg people on messenger and ask if they knew what was happening with chris, was he okay, did he fall over in the toilet while taking a dump and hes the only one home?, did he run off and join the scientologists? i was fucking scared.. i think at one point i was certain that he was standing in connor mcgregors corner giving him pep talks.. i didnt know what was going on.. so i started a ansi challenge.. WHERE IN THE HELL IS CHRIS LEWIS?? all you had to do was draw where you thought he was, doing whatever.. pretty easy right?.. sure enough, a minute after i put out the challenge, this guy sticks his seth green looking head out like one of those bopping clown heads at a circus fair.. HERE I AM! says chris.. fuck there goes the compo.. it was over before it began.. So on with the pack!, Id like to make a special mention of all the guys who arent members of blocktronics, but did infact make an effort to contribute to the pack.. the knight, and burps both from fuel have helped out and i love what they have put to this pack.. really appreciate it guys! SQUIDGALATOR2, or just plain old SQ2.. he was, IS a fonting powerlord from way back in the ice days, if you dont know who he is, pm me your home address so i can come over and kickbox you to the face. alpha king.. hes also submitted two standout pieces that i was really impressed with.. thanks bro much appreciated! ANNNND MUTHERGOOSE!, thanks for guesting! if youd like to guest with us, or its probably easier to join us, just hit us up on facebook - blocktronics!, you will be subjected to numerous mind, body and spirit tests before we allow you to join this group.. One person who took the plunge to join us this month is now a member who i love in a sexual sexy sax man way.. PROPANE.. this is a man who i would have no problem with slow dancing to george michaels careless whisper with. we subjected him to weeks or torture, first we strapped him down to a chair and slowly dripped cold water on his forehead for three days.. then after that we just made him listen to justin bieber for two weeks.. he came out of it a stronger man, and we are glad to have him in our ranks of most kick ass ass kicker.. 20 years ago i started drawing ansi, probably around this same time.. im glad that ive still got this here and the love for it has never gone away.. Heres to another 20 years of ansi, and i hope i didnt just jinx it and the whole ansi scene dies now. till next time, fuck off.. Avg