mohctp by ungenannt
mohctp by ungenannt
It is true that we lost our
But it was not in the way that history now recalls it.
Many unspeakable things happened on our campaign.
In that most inhospitable land. .
We were at war with more than Russia there.
We were at war with Hell.
Our Empereur never set foot in Elba
as an exile, as many now believe.
Those one hundred days that crumbled in the
wake of Waterloo were not his fate.
And our Dear Empereur did not breathe his
last on St. Helena.
Our Empereur would
never leave Russia.
I was of the
Grand Arme in the
1st Chasseurs of the Old Guard.
Our General was crowned Empereur of the Holy Roman Empire.
I saw the crown of France lying on
ground, so I picked it up with
my sword.
He would lead us into battle
to collect the Nations of Europe
under the French Tricolor.
Some of those nations would grow imperious and seek to undermine the
Continental System, forcing France to once again pick up the banner
of war and march into battle. This time, we would march to
and bring her back into the fold.
But this war would not be the same.
We should have sensed from thePolish peasants
just inside theRussian interior..
that the word
was not intended for us,
as their invaders.
It was not a curse... was a warning.
Soon after a strange
sickness began to pervade
our ranks, and men began
to fall dead in their march
all around us.
Help me!
Dont leave me!
The pitiful cries of the sick and
and dying deeply affected all of
our hearts, but we were forced
to leave them behind.
We could not stop.
We cut a swath through
Vitebsk and Smolensk and
pushed on to Borodino.
It was here that we
began so see something unsual
in our Russian enemy.
Vive La France!!
They did not
show us a
many fled
while those
that remained...
...hardly feared the thrusts
of our bayonets as we broke
their lines.
even waited
for itin anticipation .
and without regret. .
There was something
horrid about them.
They had no fear.
Many of us took notice of this but
in the moment of battle we believed
our senses could not be trusted.
We hoped to pause the campaign, but
with the collapse of Borodino, our
Empereur now had
in his sights.
MOHCTP echoed in our memories, but
there would be no halting.
Moscow, is mine.
We entered the city at nightfall...
to find its streets and
buildings emptied. .
Those that we did eventually
find would shock us to the core.
Over here, I hear someone stirring!
Ready... aim...
We swept the vacant .
city of hundreds of
these MONSTERS...
and soon discovered
that the city was without
food or supplies.
With 1600 miles stretched
between Paris and Moscow...
and Winter fast approaching...
we knew we would be
vunerable to these creatures that
feared neither the cold, nor the
armies of men.
Burn it.
There would be no peace here.
We decided to retreat from Moscow immediately. .
It would be a race against man, nature,
and the Gates of Hell.
. We scythed our way back through the Russian interior
as the first snow of Winter fell. We were hardly at
Vitebsk before we found ourselves lost in a great .
. white sheet of snow. The air itself seemed frozen .
in time.
. We were hungry... tired... forced to abandon .
our possessions and artillery, and eat our horses
and even the leather of our bags in order
. that we may be sustained. .
The treacherous weather eventually separated us from
the main army, wounded and stragglers.
We were alone at the Berezina, preparing to cross
into the relative saftey of Poland.
There was no land, no sky, no horizon, and no sound.
There was only white.
And then, finally, the first footsteps of our army
could be heard approaching.
Empereur, I believe
our reinforcements
are here!
How can this be??
We are defeated.
The odds were 5 to 1
But we fought with
great elan despite
the unfavorable
However in the struggle for life
our Dear Leader fell vulnerable
to a breach in our defenses.
Those monsters held
the heart of our Empereur
in their cursed hands.
And the heart of all of France
We were left with only...
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Finally we reached the
Polish border and turned
to fight our last...
it was then that
we saw these cursed
creatures vanish
like a mist before
our eyes.
They could
not leave
With a great sadness I
cloaked our dear Generals cold
lifeless heart in the flag
of our country and returned
home in despair.
In order that France
be preserved from its
mounting enemies, it was
necessary to place an imposter
on the throne of our country.
It was he who withered away
all those years later on
the island of St. Helena.
as the supposed Napoleon
that history now remembers.
Those who survived the
Berezina would never
forget the truth.
Vive LEmpereur!
Vive La France!
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