...machines that build robots that build factories that build machines
that build robots that build factories that build machines that build
robots that build factories that build machines that build robots...
f i l t h // b l o c k t r o n i c s
2 O l 3
just because were underground // doesnt mean were dead
im going to write this up as one of my all time favorite drawings
ive ever done in the ansi medium. im not basing that off skill,
technique, presentation, or any other snappy art term. im saying
that because i finished this up a few hours before entering it at
the demosplash shindig that was awesomely taking place in the city
where i live - pittsburgh.
about five or so hours prior to finishing this, i was standing in
my backyard with misfit and lord scarlet who were in town for the
event. they were trying to hoist me up onto the roof above my
porch when i realized id locked my house keys in my house. event
ually after many, many attempts we got in. about two hours after
our breaking and entering i get a text message from RaD Man saying
hes on a last minute plane to pittsburgh. you dont question the
mechanics of how this is possible during times like these. after
landing the ACiD jet in pittsburgh, im off to meet him at the bus
stop. its about six a.m., and rational thoughts of no sleep seem
not that big of a deal when i hop the 54C bus to go and meet up
with Rad Man. by meet up i also mean meet for the first time.
but meeting people ive known for over fifteen years was becoming
common since i had meet up with lord scarlet and misfit the day
shortly after all the meet and greets, im sitting in my bedroom
finishing this up. directly behind me are three people ive known
from various scene-related endeavours since the 90s. they are
also three people who have made large contributions to the ansi
scene. and while im at it- they are three people whom i never
met face to face, but yet here they were kickin it in my room
while im clickity-claking in pablodraw.
this isnt normal for anyone, anywhere. it just goes to show how
great of a thing the textmode artscene is when familiar strangers
take a bus, drive, and fly to get together and do what we do with
no qualms for doing it.
this doesnt happen often and it surely doesnt happen to most
people who are apart of something thats simple and complex at
the same time.
it could have been any three people in the artscene hanging out
in my room that would have made the experience great. i dont
like to leave anyone out - were all apart of this - so i feel
those three represent the ansi scene as a whole. people outside
looking in may not fully understand it. but i feel that in a
weird way, its almost better.
so to Doug Moore, James Bodie, and Christian Wirth reprezenting
everyone else - thanks for making everything a part of everything.
sir-talx-a lot himself,