under the black flag by filth
under the black flag by filth
eff eye ell bees evan
filth u n d e r the b l a c k f l a g courtesy ofthe admiral of the black himself: hawk hubbard ACiD . ACiDiC . blocktronics . bREAK .DeZign . SADiST and other bountiful smuggled booty telnet// blackflag.acid.org
ansi by the that scallywag filth the carouser of buckotrnoics 2Ol4
here ya go hawk!
i appreciated your appreciation of the art deco jam i did last relesae.
this just sorta popped into my head as a result.
COMNTnvscene 2014 entry SAUCE00under the black flag filth blocktronics 20140325 rP