BLOCKTRONICS 16 c o l o r s
June 26th, 2013
Hello friends. Welcome to our art release, its 2013.
SURPRISE! Thanks to all of the artists that made this
release happen. There is some insane innovation in this
release. You will, without a doubt, see some low resolution
artwerk, the likes of which, has never been seen before.
We have had a couple of months to be productive since
we all released the Awaken art pack after a 3 year
hibernation. ANSi art still means a lot to a lot of people
after all these years partly because of the nostalgia of
the things that had happened in the past but mostly
because laying down these small colorful blocks is
enjoyable. We have been playing with blocks since we were
children, why stop now. I have come to realize, as an
artist of many different mediums, that nothing we do
creatively matters. If I paint an oil painting, or draw a
portrait, I end up at the same place when its all said and
done. Requiring utility for art and creativity is a horribly
ironic joke to any reasonable artist. Be creative, create,
and do it for yourself.
This release is a tribute to Doug Moore, Brian Cassidy, and
the archive at sixteencolors.net. It is easy to see the contributions
that are made by artists during releases but the hard work of
dedicated soldiers like Brian and Doug are not so obvious and,
I believe, are taken for granted. So we intend to show our appreciation
to their hard work with keeping the archive at sixteencolors.net
available for us and improving its functionality when time permits.
I would also like to take a moment to appreciate Curtis Wensley the
creator and maintainer of Pablodraw. His hard work and coding
innovations have reinvented our medium. Thank you all.
Ladieslady?, is there even one girl?, and gentlemen, its
2013 and this artpack is outstanding. Were older, sexier, than
ever before. I absolutely cannot wait to see what the next
release has in store. It will, without a doubt, top even this
pack. Thanks to you.
I would like to thank each one of you for all the contribution and hard
work to produce this pack. Your passion, talent and artwork inspires me
and keeps me motivated to go further.
Once again you guys did it! Thank you B7 warriors!
This is just the beginning.
Hai guys!, Im suprised i get to write in this infofile, last infofile
i had written this epic story about how the last pack came to life,
but enzo was too tired to type it out letter for letter.. SLACKER!
.. so ill tell you how this pack came about.. in my eyes ofcourse
After the great success of the last pack it was obvious that another
killer would soon follow.. the wheels were set in motion and we were
rolling at a whopping 3 m/ph this is fast in brazilian standards
Anyhoo, I get the call from Enzo.. and the conversation went like this..
enzo: insert brazillian accent here Hai IVAN! not mexican accent you idiot avg: Sup?
enzo: i was tinking to put oudanodda pack!
avg: cool.. how fucking cool am i?!??
anyways, enjoy the pack, and id like to say hi to toni frick..
shes my 1 fan and long time soulmate.
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awesome ansi artwork created by Avenging Angel