TCF Remix 2
This is an ANSi remix of Azraels smallscale comic rip filename az-glue.ans
from ACiD PRODUCTIONS 1995. There are many ansis that have
been engraved in my memory from the 1990s and az-glue.ans was always one
of my favorite small scale comic rips. Azrael had a unique and gritty
style that I loved, he wasnt afraid to use the F9 key. This is a tribute
to Azrael, ACiD Productions, and the fantastic history of our art.
TCF - Blocktronics - August 31st, 2014
If you would like to view Remix 1 it is available in the Blocktronics:
Sixteen Colors pack released June 2013. Visit The file
is titled TCF - 05 - so-sa1 Remix.ans. Thanks.
Original ansi file - az-glue.ans - azrael - acdu0895
gre-az! ets! ld!ma! kz!iv! 69!tk! im!@
G L U E 714 XXX-XXXX ansi by: azrael, hair by: axitious, font: twotone