Blocky Horror Info by Misfit
Blocky Horror Info by Misfit
an art pack
Blocktronics returns! The worlds spookiest art group is back with our
annual Halloween extravaganza. This year, our cultish collective pays homage
to the worlds kinkiest cult film with a release weve dubbed BLOCKY HORROR.
Misfit here, who drew the short straw this time around and am cobbling
together this monstrous creature we call an art pack. Prepare yourselves for
an extra dose of sappiness and sentimentality. Thatll teach these guys to
leave me the reins.
Its hard to wrap your brain around the idea that the textmode art scene
has been here for the better part of three decades. For me personally, its
also been that long since The Rocky Horror Picture Show found its way into
my VCR. It had quite an impact. Not long after, I discovered the BBS scene.
One of my very first BBS handles was Riff Raff, and I found the textfile
scene by accident while tracking down a text version of the Rocky Horror
script complete with audience participation cues. That led directly to me
stumbling into the world of text art and ANSI art groups. 25+ years later and
here I am, still putting art packs together and pelvic thrusting my way
through life. Great Scott!
It takes a certain kind of weirdo to continue to draw ANSI in 2019 - years
after faster modem speeds rendered it obsolete. Most of the Blocktronics crew
have known each other or known of each other for decades. We are exactly
that kind of weirdo. We come from all walks of life, but our shared experience
with this scene of ours has kept us tethered to one another. This thing has
truly become one of the purest, least-commercial artistic endeavors Ive ever
been a part of. Much love to the entire B7 crew for making that possible. You
not for very
much longer
Were in a bit of a time crunch, so for this release Im skipping the
traditional B7 master member list in favor of a much simpler list of pack
contributors. These are the folks who were able to step up and answer the
call this time around, but this is by no means a complete list of our crew. If
youve been down with Blocktronics in the past you are still down with us now.
Nobodys out, everybodys in, its just easier for me to rattle off the
unconventional conventionists who contributed to this particular monster:
We may return to our regular format next pack. This was 100 a lazy mans
move while facing a pre-Halloween deadline. All hate mail to Misfit.
If you are interested in low resolution art, you can become a part of the gang
here at Blocktronics. Our community is composed of artists, coders and sysops
that continuously create artwork and support our group. Every one of you make
it possible for this thing to continue and grow. We sincerely hope you get
inspired and join us in making art. Reach out to us through one of the methods
listed below.
Here are links to ANSi art drawing resources:
Moebius - Moebius is an ANSi/ASCii text graphic art editor
written to be friendly to artists coming from
other graphics design software such as Adobe
Pablodraw 3.2 - Pablodraw v.3.2 is an ANSi/ASCii text and RIPscrip
vector graphic art editor/viewer with multi-user
capabilities. PabloDraw uses the awesome Eto.Forms
cross-platform framework to provide native UI for
Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
Ansilove - A set of libraries, tools, and plguins to convert
textmode art files such as ANSi to PNG format.
This is especially useful for modern operating
systems that do not support the art formats and
require conversion to view. - Your home on the Internet for all things
Blocktronics. Art requests, tutorials, release, and
so much fucking more. - The most comprehensive collection of low resolution
textmode art in the world. Download artpacks from
1990 to today or view them online.
Follow ANSI of the Day posts at: if you like stories
@sixteencolors instagram if you like hashtags
@sixteencolors twitter if you like infrequent posts
Syncterm - A telnet client to visit the bulletin board systems
Facebook fb/blocktronics Instagram @blocktronics
Twitter @blocktronics Tumblr
YouTube blocktronics channel
And that, as they say, is that. One for the vaults. Well see you guys some
time around Christmas or the New Year.
Greets to all of our friends in Fuel, Mistigris, Impure, Galza, Sauna, Titan,
as well as all of the ghosts of scene past who still haunt these channels on
social media, IRC, discord, BBSes etc and still keep the blood pumping through
the scenes veins.
- mt67