Blocktronics B-Sides Special by Misft & Filth
Blocktronics B-Sides Special by Misft & Filth
B L 0 C K T R 0 N i C S B * S i D E S
the visual sounds of textmode art
Welcome, textmode art fans, to 2017s most unexpected pack. The madmen of
Blocktronics released Darker Image 2 just over two weeks ago. That pack was
huge by any measure with more than 120 separate pieces. I think the last thing
any of us were thinking was to somehow push out another release right before
Christmas, and yet here we are.
Heres how it went down: To help keep everyone feeling frisky, we will some-
times toss out some sort of art challenge in our private group. Sometimes its
ANSI, sometimes hand-drawn art. Its not an official thing, just something
that any of our artists can start and anyone can participate in. You saw a
glimpse of that in the last pack with the Game of Thrones and Blade Runner
ANSIs. Its generally unrelated to our current pack theme.
So the day after Darker Image came out - December 8th, to be exact - TCF
decided to challenge everyone to draw a favorite album cover in ANSI. There
were some rules, initially. It had to be 35 lines which is pretty small by
modern standards and any colors were allowed meaning we could tweak our
palettes. He put up two examples hed just drawn.
Not long after that, AVG responded with his Guns n Roses piece. Then came
another. And another. It wasnt long before fresh ANSI work was flooding into
the group. I guess I could go on about how music fires up artistic inspiration
but its all been said before and the results here are obvious. Well over 90
pieces of brand-spanking-new art from 18 different artists, all created with-
in the span of two weeks.
The artists responsible for this craziness are:
acid phix / alpha king / andy herbert / avenging angel / cyonx / filth
kirkman / luciano ayres / mattmatthew / misfit / mypalgoo / mr wrong / nail
nuskooler / otium / reset survivor / the creep fever / whazzit
It wont take you long to realize that some of our artists started breaking
the rules almost immediately. Some went slightly larger, some went quite a bit
smaller. Some modified the original covers. Some fictional bands may or may
not have been invented. ANSI artists are contrarians by nature.
Its just past midnight as I write this, so its officially Christmas Eve here
in the US. People are surely tapping their toes waiting for me to wrap this
up. As you go through this, do yourself a favor. Pick an album that you see
here and give it a spin. I intend to do that with every single record in this
pack, even the truly terrible ones. Exposing yourself to new music is never a
bad thing. Enjoy your friends and family this year and well see you soon!
- Misfit
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