67 RPM NFO by Ungenannt & Misfit
67 RPM NFO by Ungenannt & Misfit
Time to put on your dancing shoes! Blocktronics is back with a follow-up to
our 2017 B-SiDES release. This pack has been delayed several times, making it
the Chinese Democracy of the textmode world. That is to say, this pack is
Were keeping with a music theme this time, but weve also loosened some of
the format restrictions. Instead of just album covers, this release called
for anything music-related with no size restrictions, either, because rules
are for squares, man.
Weve also opened the doors to guest submissions, which means that youll find
some bang-up artwork in here not only from the B7 crew but from artists across
the textmode spectrum. Its an all-star lineup, a regular hit parade.
The 67 RPM wrecking crew: Alpha King, Avgblockjesus, Burps, Filth,
Griskokare, Kirkman, Mel Farr Suppastar, Misfit, mypalGOO, Nail, Necrofiliac,
Ober, Otium, Snake Petsken, SoR, Stygian, The Knight, Ungenannt, Warpus,
Whazzit and Zeus II.
As a side note, we came close to calling this pack NOW Thats What I Call
Music, Vol. 67. Im glad we didnt do that.
As always, wed like to thank the various bands and artists whose work we are
riffing on here. Id encourage all of you to seek out the music that you see
featured. You may find something thatll take you places.
- Misfit
B7 Records
Blocktronics - www.blocktronics.org .
Sixteen Colors - www.sixteencolors.net
@sixteencolors ig
@sixteencolors twitter
Huge thanks to Ungenannt for the header that you see up there, and thanks also
to Alpha King for the DIZ and the overall pack assembly assist! - mt