6733: 20th century blocks (info) by senior staff
6733: 20th century blocks (info) by senior staff
If you asked me what movie best described 2020... Id tell you that this
is how we started our info file for the previous pack.
Itd still be a nicely fitting question though, considering that this is
20th Century Blocks, the second Blocktronics pack after our October 2018
release B-Movies entirely dedicated to the moving pictures once upon a
time reserved to the silver screen and large theaters filled with popcorn
eating and soda guzzling crowds.
After eight months of social distancing and lockdowns of varying degrees,
this seems like an absurd image from the olden days. Even though, maybe
more than ever, we employ movies to escape our bleak reality in favor of
loud and colorful worlds with no limitation other than our imagination,
in 2020 we do it in small groups of friends or maybe even alone, on our
couch at home, where the popcorn comes microwaved and where we dont have
to worry about that 7 giant sitting right in front of us, his incessantly
giggling girlfriend, and a way too liberal display of semi-public affection,
sparsely illuminated by light reflected off the screen - but unfortunately
not sparsely enough to spare us the sight.
Uh... maybe 2020 isnt all bad?
Incidentally, its also been the second longest time between two packs
since weve started releasing on a regular basis in 2013.
Perceptible to a lesser extent for BlockMania and its successor Global
Blockdown earlier this year, COVID-19 has taken its toll, presenting
us with new challenges and adversely affecting both time and motivation to
play with our beloved sixteen-colored blocks.
Still, despite the pandemic and with no slush pile of art scraped from the
web to draw from, here we are: Blocktronics artists and friends have come
together once again to sweeten the lockdown experience of the textmode art
connoisseurs of the world.
All three of them.
On a more boring but nevertheless important note, weve attempted to make
use of the time and engaged in some long overdue housekeeping:
- A ragtag bunch of misfits decided to establish the Blocktronics
senior staff. To be more precise, one Misfit, along with remaining
active co-founder Avenging Angel, long-time constants Filth and
Whazzit, as well as that naggy fucker nail.
Those familiar with the inner workings of the group over the past two
years probably wont be surprised as these individuals have de facto
jointly steered the ship anyway, but now its finally official.
- Due to an unpleasant episode caused by a disgruntled former member,
we decided to no longer list our artists real names and contact
information in the pack. If youre looking to contact a particular
artist, feel free to send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or
Twitter and well forward your message.
- The memberlist has been cleared of individuals who have lost contact
or interest, allowing us to continue on with a clean slate.
With the notable exception of the single individual referred to above
this does not mean that we wont welcome old friends back into the
group should they pick up the blocks again.
With this out of the way, lets dim the lights and turn off your phones,
the show is about to begin.
Stay healthy, stay vigilant, but most importantly: Enjoy.
infofile header art by Tainted with a splash of illegible color by nail