6730302020 Members and such. by b7 mOFOS
6730302020 Members and such. by b7 mOFOS
BLOCKTRONiCS 30 * February 2020
ABR Nickname Real Name Website
2m Mattmatthew Matthew Yee @mattmatthew67
Hawaii, USA on Instagram
33 eerie Unknown @33
Canada on Twitter
ant ANT Anthony Schiller on Facebook
Michigan, USA
apk Alpha King Christian R. Vozar @alphaking67
USA on Instagram
avg Avenging Angel Ivan Segaric on Facebook
bw Binary Walker Florian Ochmann BW
Germany on DeviantArt
bym Big Yellow Man Fredrik Olsson BYM
Sweden on DeviantArt
cat Catbones Cat Spencer catbones.com
Missouri, USA
cx Cyonx Pat Swanson Cyonx North Carolina, USA on DeviantArt
del Delicious Jamie Martin livejamie.com
California, USA
dman DMan Dmitry Kalinin on Facebook
dr Dark Rebellion Shooter Jennings bitsunrise.com
California, USA
fil filth Joshua Hillyard Distortion BBS
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
fst F0sT Fost Lovesu on Facebook
Paris, France
goo mypalGOO Unknown on Facebook
h7 h7 Antii Kiuru Haciend BBS
hb Horsenburger Steve Horsley on Facebook
United Kingdom
ig IronGhost Matthew Kemp on Facebook
Illinois, USA
jp Jack Phlash Jay Phillips Distortion BBS
Tennessee, USA
ju Judas Nickolas Lascot on Facebook
Toronto, Ontario
km Kirkman Josh Renaud on Facebook
leo Leonardo Jan-Felix Wittmann on Facebook
LU Luciano Ayres Luciano Ayres on Facebook Brazil
med Medium Jeremias Soover on Facebook
mr Mr. Wrong Frederic Masse Noel on Facebook
mt Misfit James Bodie Misfit
West Virginia, USA on DeviantArt
n nail Bjrn Odendahl @nail7 Germany on Twitter nu! NuSkooler Bryan Ashby on Facebook
Salt Lake City, Utah
ndh Andy Herbert Andy Herbert github.com/andyherbert
United Kingdom
ob Ober Jordan Ella on Facebook
om Otium Filip De Haes on Facebook
r5 Reset Survivor Balls Wilson resetsurvivor.com Arizona, USA
rad RaD Man Christian Wirth ACiD Productions California, USA on Facebook
ra Randers Tom Rivermouth on Facebook
rd Realm Dweller Josh Hines on Facebook
sm Smoke Yahwe Chao on Facebook
California, USA
tcf Fever Aaron Frick Aaron Frick Art
Georgia, USA on Facebook
ung Ungenannt Unknown Ungenannt
Georgia, USA on DeviantArt
wz Whazzit Chris Brunjes on Facebook
x0 Xer0 Unknown xero.nu
Pittsburgh, USA
If you are interested in low resolution art, you can become a member
of Blocktronics. Our community is composed by artists, coders and
sysops that continuosly create artwork and support our group.
Contact us on www.blocktronics.org or request to join our Facebook
group at www.facebook.com/groups/blocktronics
Now you can follow and like us on:
Facebook facebook.com/blocktronics
Here are links to your ANSi art drawing resources.
Pablodraw 3.2 - Pablodraw v.3.2 is an ANSi/ASCii text and RIPscrip
vector graphic art editor/viewer with multi-user
capabilities. PabloDraw uses the awesome Eto.Forms
cross-platform framework to provide native UI for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. http://picoe.ca/products/pablodraw/
Moebius - New ANSi/ASCII text editor for Windows, Linux, and MacOS by Andy Herbert. Similar to PablowDraw while
still a work in progress to make all your ANSi/ASCii dreams come true.
Blocktronics.org - A very in depth website with Blocktronics services, links, art requests, tutorials, art releases, and
much fucking more.
Textmod.es - A comprehensive PC scene text mode artpacks archive
kept by maze. Visit now: http://pc.textmod.es
Sixteen Colors - sixteencolors.net is the most comprehensive collection
of low resolution textmode art in the world. Download
artpacks from 1990 to current or view them online.
Artpacks.org - Optmized ANSi and ASCii artpack archive where you can
browse and view packs both on the web and on mobile.
Now with Android app on Google Play.
Ansiedit - Amazing online ANSi editor created by Andy Herbert.
It features a wide range of innovative drawing tools
to create text mode artwork in a totally new way.
Syncterm - syncterm.bbsdev.net, a telnet client to visit the bulletin
board systems listed below. I recommend visiting through a
web browser if the sysop has made that option available.
Here are some Facebook groups Blocktronics members are currently
involved with in some way. Some of these groups might be private or
secretive so you have to know a member listed above to gain access.
Page Name Description Relevance Stars
Ansi, Ascii artists worldwide! - Closed group. Invite only. **
ACiD Productions - Public page. *****
Blocktronics - Group Official Fan page. fb/blocktronics *****
Blocktronics - Members only group. fb/groups/blocktronics *****
Fire - Fire art group Public page. ***
iCE - iCE art group Public page. *
The Legion - Legion art group Public page. ***
Sixteen Colors ANSI Art and ASCII Art Archive - Public page. *****
You can also follow us on twitter: www.twitter.com/blocktronics