Blender 2023B infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Blender 2023B infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
nitron makes grinding and juicing noises
warpus 100 raw 100 live 100 unscripted madness each and every time
sponsored by fanta and arts council norway
t h e e r
the blender: will it blend?
warpus hey everyone! its time we begin yet another installment of albanias
most watched sporting event - THE BLENDER
teleko spliffs rolled X, snacks ready X, coffee on X, anti numbness
drugs taken X, well rested X, blender plugged in and engaged,
ready for fruit X, tunage dialed in, prog tech house X
warpus the story so far:
1. Cthulu notified me that he has a family function to attend that
will interfere with his ability to join us during the opening
2. I communicated to Cthulu that it might be time to abandon his
family and cut them off sort to speak
3. Instead Cthulu has abandoned me and I have not heard from him
4. Dont worry though, I got this
a w a r m t o p i c a l b r e e z e
warpus At this point in time it is time for every participant who is willing
and able to submit 3 words to me -
a SUBJECT a seahorse,
an ACTIVITY counting cards,
and a LOCATION Albania
please send these words in a private message, on IRC, facebook
messenger, or discord. or in person
teleko i sent my private duck carrier early yesterday morning. it should
arrive within 2 minutes. please feed it and keep your cats/dogs away.
warpus it has been received, noted, slaughtered, and consumed in a pie
teleko damn it i should have thought of that, ive been feeding the damn
thing and training it for the last 5 years!
warpus you trainted it well
hmm i combined trained and tainted there i think
probably foreshadowing of some sort
nitron sent you my superior words for your selection
zir this coffee doesnt have enough words in it, hangon
warpus got all your words! its really weird doing this without cthulu,
almost like im doing this naked.. but im going to proceed, because
its also kind of exciting. Give me a couple minutes to get the
blender wheels turning and Ill be back with the words
nitron careful you dont chafe anything while spinning the wheel if naked
friction is no joke man!
warpus let me temporarily turn down the music as the words are now clear
the subject this time around will be the one and only THE MANDALORIAN
teleko oh shit
warpus and he will be .. .. ... .. PAINTING GRAFFITI
if youre wondering where he will be doing this, look around you,
because he will be doing this IN THE HOOD
teleko lol! noice!
warpus these words have been basically hand-selected by cthulu himself, so if
you hate them youre going to have to blame him and his family. But
if you love them, I totally picked them myself. If you are feeling
neutral about them, it was probably the giant blender machine that
blinks random lights and makes occasional blooping and bleeping sounds
responsible, but please do not take a bat to it.
t h e c o m m e n t a r i e s . . .
tainted we need commentators like they do in those cook-off shows
oh thats a bold move from teleko, does he really have time for this
right now? this could be a crucial make or break moment if he can
pull it off
teleko Yeah and nail would be all chef Ramsey up in there
The Knight would be one of the smoother commentators with an obvious
bias of fine women ansi
a n d t h e w i e n e r i s . . .
warpus times up! if theres any late subs out there still, please send them
Cthulu is still MIA, but when he returns we will be able to look at
all the subs and judge them.
Cthulu I have returned
warpus welcome back Cthulu
zir this shit is so scripted omg
warpus i see smoke rising high above the blender master chambers
that means..
Cthulu 4/20 is over dude, Get over it you chronics!
warpus we have a new pope, i mean.. happy 4/23
Cthulu So a fun compo, good word choices people were ready to engage
Helpfully I wasnt around to interfere
And some prime submissions
It wasnt on rails, we had to do some soul searching while judging
Anyway, fun and varied takes on the topics, good work everyone
warpus applause
Cthulu Ill give an honorary mention to a first time submission from
santagoy, wasnt in the running ultimately but great to see new
people taking part
In third place...
Earning a point for fire...
Hats off to zir!
warpus in second place..
also representing fire..
Cthulu Fire is on fire
Theres my tautology of the day
warpus Thongs off to tainted!
tainted yay!!
zir radmando just be scooting thru the alley squirting out logos
dude hell yea!!
Cthulu Ultimately we gave first place to teleko, picking up gold in his first
Blender attempt!
Giving his three points to the Blender itself
teleko i must give the most props to tainted on this.
without his instruction i would be nowhere
tainted Oh shit
nitron oh wow!
Cthulu Also thanks to Darkman Almighty and Too Cool who also got subs in
And nAItrons AI 8
Cthulu Next Blender should be up what, the weekend of Jul 22-23
I should note Mist has its annual SF artpack coming up for May the
4th, if you like SW subjects you might find a few more in there
Thanks again to all our Blenderizers
Big thanks to warpus for kicking it off
while I disappeared off the face of the earth
n e x t u p . . .
if there ever is another blender, it will most likely be held:
if not sooner!
saturday, july 22nd - sunday, july 23rd, 2023
2:00pm - 2:00pm est
blender on EFnet
please join us. - hennifer
hennifer Almost ready to start my entry
warpus taking fashionably late to the next level