Epic sprawling Blender infofile by Cthulu
Epic sprawling Blender infofile by Cthulu
t h e e r
the blender at last
crayone oh so what, i dont get an invitation to blender?!
crayone FUCK YOU
w e l c o m e
So, what have we missed since the last Blender? Well, let me check in
... oh my.
n e w s
Because its been, well, nearly two decades, allow me a little recap.
Blows dust off desk left undisturbed since 1998. In the wake of the must-
have-been-popular-then-but-long-since-totally-forgotten Jointtm and Swaptm
IRC computer art games, Hennifer and Warpus of the Lazarus milieu,
Ontario-ish, launched and ran a weekly improvised art competition, where
participants were challenged to BLEND together three competitor-provided
suggestions for subject matter into one awesome, coherent whole... under a
tight time constraint of a few paltry hours. BLNDR001.ZIP leaving room for
nearly 1000 weekly challenges -- which would have expired nine months from
now, in Jan 2016, had it kept on keeping on wrapped on Nov 20, 1996, and the
series gained momentum as its organizers maintained a scoreboard crediting
individual artists whose improvised works had excelled -- and assigning
artists points to the groups in which they held membership. Suddenly, in a
palpable way, art groups had a standard if weird metric by which they could
be definitively compared. Intriguing! At some point, every 10th Blender
competition was framed as a Blender Kombat, expressly soliciting multi-
participant contributions under an extended time limit, and I was sold --
finally a creative artscene milieu in which the endless ideas of this writer
were considered valuable and valid! Does my memory fail me? I see tag-team
Blender, but no reference to Blender Kombat. Well, take me with a grain of
salt. Hi there, Sodium!
By and large the artscene as a whole was specifically mad for ANSI art
visuals, and to hell with the rest, but the Blender operated in a curious
little bubble of format-agnosticism where contributions in ASCII art, hirez
and other, non-visual forms of creative expression could rate favourably. I
got on board around the time that Skrublys stories and Haquisaqs musical
semantic mash-ups were raising eyebrows -- extraordinary in their being
noticed and acknowledged at all, let alone praised! I got on board in a
collaborative attempt to dethrone the resident Blender champs, Serial, with an
impromptu pan-scene cadre dubbed the sigh Serial Killers. This opened the
door to wider collaborations in a Blender context, and this compounded with my
persistent urges to push the boundaries resulted in Mistigris members
submitting loaders, a video game, an ANSI movie, a text adventure and
eventually a full-blown e-mag as Blender contributions.
But I get ahead of myself. Warpus and Hennifer continued to run the
Blender series with regular releases on a relatively regular schedule up to
BLNDR041, circa Oct 1997 releasing contributions from a month prior -- the
writing was on the wall. Warpus continued hosting six more Blender
competitions, through BLNDR047, but for reasons known only to him he sat on
those final 6 run by the series founders, never releasing them nor updating
the standings. Then, for two weeks, there was radio silence -- had the
slowing Blender phenomenon ground to a halt? Not on my watch! By which I
mean: if it was going to lose all momentum and be killed off for good, I
wanted my hands on the reins when it went over that cliff, by gum!
The scene was falling apart: Blender was where Mistigris shone, and I
could not fit in anywhere else in my beloved artscene, so in an attempt to
shore up the one area where my bespoke group excelled, I attempted to keep the
venue going. And ask Marilyn vos Savant how she feels about the flawed IQ
metric! Starting Nov 30, 1997, I diligently hosted competitions in blender
thirteen times, but never released any of their contents -- waiting against
hope for Warpus to finish processing his six unreleased Blenders and update
the standings, which I could then amend with up-to-the-minute accuracy. All-
or-nothing, I always say. This means that I ended up selfishly hoarding twice
as many unreleased Blenders a full fifth of the series! as he kept under his
hat. Unlike him, however, I somehow managed to hang on to them -- and now I
bring those files to you.
My stint at the helm ran until Feb 24, 1998, at which point the
combination of the crushing weight of reality and the increasingly ephemeral
nature of the scattering scene communicated clearly to me that Things Had Run
Their Course. Its possible I officially closed the book on it a week later,
after attempting to host an IRC Blender and successfully engaging a grand
total of zero participants. The fog of years between then and now have
erased any such function and of course there are no documents certifying the
un-occurrence of a Blender, but such a dramatic finality would have been the
unambiguous kind of Sign From God I needed to give up the ghost and move on
to other no-hope projects -- not that I listened to such signs at my 57
Varities open mic series from 2003-2008. Id moved into a bachelor house
so many artists under one roof! Surely this will prove to be a hugely
productive... OK, so much depression and dysfunction under one roof! In its
defense, if the only achievement of its collective residents was yielding the
lead developer of Twitter, wed still be ahead of the curve on average where
I went from being the only one with internet access at the start, my textmode
dialup semipermanently installed on the dining room table, to being the only
one without internet access... so running the compos on IRC was tricky. My
unencumbered schedule compounded with my windowless basement suite resulted
in a wildly fluctuating sleep schedule, and it was not uncommon for me to
awaken, see 11 on my digital clock, and not know if it was night or morning.
Excerpt from logs from Blender 60 -- the last with my hand at the helm!
Cthulu I fell asleep!
Cthulu and no one woke me up!
Cthulu this licks!
Cthulu but Ive got to cover my ass now
Skrubly Goddamit!
*** You have been kicked off channel blender by MrGris flood
Between that and the connectivity problem, I had some punctuality issues
in regards to cracking the whip and keeping the compo schedule a tight ship.
Then Id get to the channel and itd be empty, and Id have to go all over the
EFNet trolling for potential Blender participants in trax, hirez and poetry
after unsuccessfully trying to tap the artscene channels... having to explain
the Blender concept from scratch over and over again as part of my cold call
to the other 90 of digital creatives.
fathom ctch: you always want me doing blender :P
cthulu fathom - yet you never do 8
fathom because sundays Im always either at shows
fathom or playing shows
fathom or practicing
fathom :
cthulu fath -so what are you doing this sunday?
fathom being pissed off at a flaky drummer
cthulu .. and BLENDERING!
cthulu or else!
fathom theres a joke common to the hardcore scene.. it goes what do
you call the guy who hangs out with the band every once in a while?
cthulu a drummer!
cthulu ah!
fathom har har..
cthulu whats the difference between a drummer and a bass player?
fathom oh dont you even..
cthulu the bass player takes the dishes out of the sink before pissing in it
fathom :
cthulu whats the difference between a trombonist a dead snake in the road?
cthulu the snake was going to a gig!
cthulu how many lead guitarists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
cthulu one: he holds the bulb and the world revolves around him!
But the thing is: its not enough to get two people to turn up in
blender not only do you need enough participants to make the competition
between them a little interesting, you need enough of them to come up with
suggestions for that weeks contest words. But as any improv comedian knows,
the first guy in the crowd to offer any ideas will always be the one yelling
Procto! when polled for a profession. Case in point -- have a look at the
preserved unused suggestions! Sorry for the public shaming, but the statute
of limitations is up on those babies.
Nit who sends you the suggestions?
Cthulu nit - the friendly follks on bearcave
Cthulu you know they have a SHEEPbot on bestiality
cthulu that baahs at you?
Cthulu its quite creepy.
So you most likely will require somewhat more than three competitors in order
to achieve three acceptable, worthwhile, useable offers. Then you present that
weeks mystery menu, and you wait... and you wait... and a couple of hours
later, you get to find out whether they actually end up submitting anything or
not. Or they claim to have finished a piece, but need a little extra time to
get it to you. Do you end up with enough materials to be able to assign a
first, second AND third place? Are there enough of them to give the awards
meaningfully, ie. where first place is excellent and not just the least-
terrible? Do you end up with enough materials to compile and issue a coherent
archive of the events in the contest?
Or do you act like scattered stars in the expanding universe, drifting
apart from each other at an increasing rate until by the time your light
reaches each other, you are already nothing but a distant memory?
But strangely, the story doesnt end here: like the monks in Walter M.
Miller, Jr.s A Canticle For Leibowitz anyone? anyone?, you somehow retain
these miserable scraps and dregs, elevating the mundane to the sacred by
virtue of their belonging to a distant moment in time so bygone it will,
certainly, never return. Its not garbage, theyre historical artefacts!
And as part of my admittedly stalled -- Ive been busy Old Computer
Art Amnesty, these Lost Blenders are certainly a jewel in the crown of old and
exclusively-kept artscene materials I need to share with at least a second
keeper of the light before yet another HDD failure snuffs them from the
historical record once and for all. So, uh, sorry gang - these dont enshrine
the series at the peak of its vitality, but rather in a period of decline,
ramping down toward an interminable state of complete inertness.
The fire lit under my ass to stop talking about releasing these and
actually doing so is of course the Sweet Sixteen Colors compo at
compo.sixteencolors.net beginning March 14th, 2015 -- oh hey, that was
2 days ago! -- I was hoping to release this on March 7th but... my plans were
slowed down, because I injured my back doing yard work and was working full-
-time while raising a toddler and... well, in other words: I GOT OLD.
NB - scrutinizing the historical record, I must indicate that there
were at least two abortive rekindlings of the Blenderian fire after I let the
light out: Hennifers BLNDR00X happened some eleven months later, Jan 22,
1999, on the topic of firefighters / fighting fires / in Saudi Arabia,
billed as the first and, ultimately, only installment of Blender series 2,
and then a longer-running 10 installment series of B2K Blender 2000
competitions which ran approximately from April through June of that same
year, 1999. Though I knew of and even participated in these at the time, the
narrative of my letting the franchise down became over time the dominant one
in my mind and memory so it is nice to see that I hadnt entirely salted the
fields and killed it dead for good. Lets hear it for the long-neglected
historical record trumping the fallibility of human memory!
Sometime roughly contemporary to then, a strange mix of Mistigris
members also ran a private real-world Blender session at The Laughing Fools
estate, culminating in the filming of a species of documentary splicing
together images and texts produced for the compo on the topic of Devious /
White / Bug. This film is well and truly lost to the ages, but I will never
forget the awesomely alliterative period documents forged on the topic of the
pale pestilent plague, predating upon the pedestrian poltroon Pedro on the
parquets of Paris. After this point I suppose you could say we got it out of
our system and the social game of choice switched over to Eat Poop You Cat,
and then to The Game of 1000 Blank White Cards, and from there... my pattern
of arena socializing and social game-playing wound down and never really
recovered. But I digress.
d i d h e s a y d i g r e ss ion?
platz i wish i lived in the yukon
platz then my postal code would be Y0B
platz Y0B 4S7 ARDS
a r e c a p
For those of you who may have forgotten where we came from and how we got
to where we ended up, a brief summary:
BLNDR001.ZIP 22,576 oral / worms / bounce
BLNDR002.ZIP 156,501 your mom /sex/haunted house
BLNDR003.ZIP 67,890 cute lil girl/beach/ smile
BLNDR004.ZIP 28,204 flying/ snowman/ disneyland
BLNDR005.ZIP 79,857 beans/run/canadaswonderland
BLNDR006.ZIP 643,127 the moon/ basketball/aliens
BLNDR007.ZIP 111,675 radman/stripping/mcdonalds
BLNDR008.ZIP 74,233 penguin / smoking / china
BLNDR009.ZIP 325,744 hulk hogan / suicide / hell
BLNDR010.ZIP 179,578 janitor /kissing /classroom
BLNDR011.ZIP 259,058 communists/coffeehouse/sing
BLNDR012.ZIP 48,336 cyborg/kill/bermudatriangle
BLNDR013.ZIP 31,498 warpus/doingmath/outerspace
BLNDR014.ZIP 166,352 fbi / skydiving / india
BLNDR015.ZIP 91,065 santa/ skateboarding/sewers
BLNDR016.ZIP 159,696 goat/bowling/parliment hill
BLNDR017.ZIP 190,199 comics /fighting /kwikimart
BLNDR018.ZIP 241,401 comet / crashing / future
BLNDR019.ZIP 398,907 e.t. / scared / stonehenge
BLNDR020.ZIP 953,119 monks / waterpolo / venice
BLNDR021.ZIP 442,223 kermit / puking / mensroom
BLNDR022.ZIP 342,027 fear/escapeattempt/alcatraz
BLNDR023.ZIP 723,703 spies/ fighting/ underwater
BLNDR024.ZIP 407,316 robots / japan / revolting
BLNDR025.ZIP 718,883 caveman/breakdancing/jungle
BLNDR026.ZIP 486,796 kitchenapprebellingtacobell
BLNDR027.ZIP 307,336 oranges / singing / hawaii
BLNDR028.ZIP 44,966 frogs / drinking / school
BLNDR029.ZIP 209,910 encyclopedia salesman -----
rockingn rolling gothparty
BLNDR030.ZIP 1,438,013 ninjas /kung-fu /sweat shop TEAM Blender!
BLNDR031.ZIP 136,775 scientist/run/ 1-way-street
BLNDR032.ZIP 399,388 picasso/ alien enc./ desert
BLNDR033.ZIP 257,192 the pope / swimming / pond
BLNDR034.ZIP 537,887 hacker / stereo / suprmarkt
BLNDR035.ZIP 1,021,738 vegans /sacrifice /legoland
BLNDR036.ZIP 666,261 batman / funk / las vegas
BLNDR037.ZIP 662,461 elvis / sausages / backyard
BLNDR038.ZIP 117,234 holmes / dancing / ymca
BLNDR039.ZIP 465,088 midgets / wrestling /canada
BLNDR040.ZIP 810,821 superhero /robbery /england TAG TEAM Blender!
BLNDR041.ZIP 562,875 mars / radiation / dying
BLNDR042 ? / ? / ?
BLNDR043 ? / ? / ?
BLNDR044 ? / ? / ?
BLNDR045 ? / ? / ?
BLNDR046 ? / ? / ?
BLNDR047 santa/ head banging/ morgue
b r i n g i n g u s t o . . .
BLNDR048 lord of the flies / breakdancing / circus
*totoman* circus
*fooX* lord of the flies
kyo- cthulu break dancers
*1st* - the unknown, anonymous composer of
LORDFLY.XM, who artfully blended all elements.
*2nd* - TotoMan of Mist with a 1-2 hirez/music punch!
*3rd* - Geekboy, also of Mist. It tickled my
decidedly odd sense of humour.
I fear that Mr. Bucket was a little unclear on the
concept of working with the suggested topics...
BLNDR049 slave / dancing Swan Lake / in Elvis bathroom
*twist* candle
*LdyBlu* kitten
*PurpZeY* Smurfs / spelunking / in the dark
*AdamWest* mouthwash
*asoap* Me word is Lesbian!
*Malvaneus* The Password is: Ramses
*mavrik* wizard
*madASScow* damn
*w3ird* the word: BELL
*Javist7* budwiser :
*haquisaq* sPICE gIRLS
*teeare* reaper
*teeare* realm
*jimefime* my word is Cthulus Pants.
*pikodredl* male porno stars
*madASScow* slave
*Happyfish* verb: dancing Swan Lake
*madASScow* slavery is that word
*Malvaneus* You want a location? Elviss Bathroom
*1st* - Tincat of Mist, 1st by a long shot.
*2nd* - Lady Blue / Mist. A rare breath of
earnestness. Even the attempt is praiseworthy.
*3rd* - Purpzey Purplefield, unaffiliated? Somewhere
back in my head, Im sure this is the old
TABNet poster Purple Haze, but whats he doing
And a nod to Happyfish of Mists joke program,
incomprehensible to anyone who didnt witness
Vastators spontaneous 1st-place batch file demo at
the Crash 97 demoparty in Calgary.
BLNDR050 Mario / lusting / Frosty the Snowman
*PurpZeY* rolling on right-guard
*InfiniteM* dumptruck
*Skmist* cyberpunk
*velkro* wordDark :
*Darkmoon* word: flachennauchennehillapillafication
*velkro* or, grenade
*Darkmoon* word: empty
*Darkmoon* word: Nike friends choice
*Darkmoon* word: delta
*Darkmoon* word: navy
*WiSteRiA* sky
*extreMIST* verb - distorting
*krestyle* africa
*Darkmoon* word: lust
*haquisaq* MARIO
*Javist7* frosty the snowman
*1st* - Haquisaq of Mistigris. Awesome!
*2nd* - Silent Knight, also of Mistgris. Fittingly
seamy, but... makes me uncomfortable.
BLNDR051 Alfred E. Newman / vivisecting / Pez
ffathom:hirez E-coli
*de* flow
*ffathom* bannana
*santaDF* poop
*ffathom* sprite
*ffathom* straightedge
*ffathom* strife
*ffathom* stupid
*ffathom* stomache
*ffathom* solid
*ffathom* sofa bed
*ffathom* :*ffathom* PEZ
*quip* my entry is: alfred e. neuman
dont know for sure where vivisecting came from, alas!
*1st* - Fathom of Fire. Workmanlike, but solid.
*2nd* - The Upright Man of Remorse. Lots of hard work
but how much was really unique for this comp?
*3rd* - Quip / Mist: The best textmode rendition of
Alfred E. Newman! in a field of 2
BLNDR052 Homer Simpson / Japanese schoolgirls / dump truck
*1st* - MT / ? Rough around the edges problematic,
but clearly put some work into it.
*2nd* - Cronos. Lazier, but with collage appeal.
*3rd* - Geekboy / Mist: a bold surrealist exercise in
anarchic soundscaping.
BLNDR053 Samurai / at war / in the fridge
*1st* - Onyx / Mist. Any one of his two submissions
would have won: together they were unbeatable!
*2nd* - Fathom / Fire: Confidently relying on a single
detail to imply two thirds of the topics.
*3rd* - Velkro / Dark: An honest effort.
BLNDR054 farm animals / jumping out of / waterfall
*Crono* vision beauty sex0r
*ohseven* subject - the pope
*kyo-* niggers
*jeriko* brick
*jeriko* tongue
*jeriko* polio
*menace* new york city
*menace* cabdriving
*nathan--* winter
*velkro* word for tonight is TOOL
*menace* farm animals
*encrypt-* sun / jumping out of / a computer in italy
*InfiniteM* waterfall
In my humble estimation this was basically the perfect
Blender theme, gateway to any number of potentially
splendid silly entries. We only scraped the tip...
*1st* - Imode / TeklordZ: minimally sublime.
*2nd* - Crono of Digital Flux: Maybe a better tune
overall, but didnt grab my heart in quite
the same way.
*3rd* - Kyo / ACiD: could have done more with the
topic, but an artful RIP regardless.
BLNDR055 priests / skateboarding / at the doghouse?
dont know for sure if those were the words chosen
since I never received any submissions, but based on
the word offers I logged, thats definitely what I
would have picked if Id received them today!
*nd* masturbation
*DogPhoe* pumpin da funk
ackz football/tackle/rose bowl
*thextREQ* floats
*retributn* location- on a stage at a concert
*retributn* subject- priests
*imodium* freaks / skateboarding / park
*DracoDude* the doghouse
BLNDR056 sculpting / clam chowder / chest cavity
*bifteq* god
*velkro* word drunken
*Tatharina* retarded
*hexcorupt* God
*jeriko* circus airplane olives
*teREQUIEM* cooking pancakes
*reddwarf* snoochie boochie
*remission* minimalism
*bifteq* disestablishmentarianism
belial word pron!
*burnou7* 3-toed Sloth
velkro Cthulu: my bathroom!
*bifteq* toilet
*Tatharina* cemetary
velkro Cthulu: beating,
*jeriko* shit. zoo?
*burnou7* action: sculpting a statue
*basscadet* clam chowder manhattan, boston, or new
*burnou7* location: Chest Cavity
the funny thing about this particular combination of
words is that I found it reminiscent of an old
friends account username: Slartibartfast, he
introduced me to modem use but never entered the
scene ... then we drifted apart following his early
schizophrenic episode of his older brothers chest
brace: inserted to prevent his ribs from growing
inward and putting pressure on his heart and lungs,
it migrated in his torso and eventually had to be
removed surgically. In its place was a kind of hollow
space on his torso. None of these entries are that
interesting, but truth is stranger than fiction!
*1st* - Belial / Blade: Triumph through expressionism.
Any attempt to actually render all elements is
doomed to fall short.
*2nd* - Burnout / Dark: Hats off for the attempt!
*3rd* - Techbit / Dark: have a participation prize!
BLNDR057 neo-nazis / spanking / africa
*belial* english, hack/slash/parry/thrust, timbuktoo
*gloone* secret
*gloone* game
*gloone* pervert
*halaster* amelia/flying over/the yukatan penninsula
*Darkmoon* kitty cats!!!!!!!!!!!! : uhm.... cathedral
and uhm.... cooking
*ZeusII* sheets, rape, Club Nipple
*velkro* word : blender
*nailaway* here you go... my word is VCR
*de* agents
*de* covert
*de* and uhm.. lara croft
*clay* neo-nazis / doing road cleanup / palm beach
*nailaway* no, w8.. spanking
*ironghost* titfucking bigtits aferica
*1st* - Nail + Halaster / Fire: Such masterful skill
and artistry, squandered on these terrible
*2nd* - Zeus II / Avenge: Basically, to punish 3.
*3rd* - Belial + Mindcrime / Blade: Participation.
I couldnt stand this species of lazy
Photoshop submission, just a kind of cynical
exercise in fulfilling rules dissatisfyingly.
BLNDR058 Kerrokerrokerropi / scrape / Nagano
*Atom* plastic spoon/forks
*InfiniteM* fish
*velkro* wordcrystal
*bifteq* superflu
*Nit* armageddon
*Nit* world war 3
*Brane* i told ya pr0n damniT !-!
*InfiniteM* fish
*Atom* follicles
noktWHORE gnome
*Atom* careem
*bifteq* scraping
*kyo-* pumping spum
*kyo-* licking clit
*kyo-* giving flowers
*kyo-* playing the piano
*mimes* Keroppi
*Nit* nagano
where did scrape come from? Lost the reference...
*1st* - Nitnatsnoc. Blenderian elegance at its best!
*2nd* - Biftek / Mist: Of the 3, this was def. 2.
*3rd* - Kyo / ACiD -- only engaging one topic.
But with only 3 participants, theyre all
BLNDR059 monster / suntanning / florida
*BindC0re* Bloated Sea Cow
fathom - boy scout
blender *Nit* armageddon
*Nit* investigate
*cleaner* green
Quip my word:pudding even though im not participating
taintedx evil monster smoking a fat joint in the city
*Nit* film noire
*Nit* torture
*cleaner* i say irc
*cleaner* place
*Nit* sea world
*Nit* godzilla
*taintedx* evil monster :
*catchGLUE* killing, mexicans, florida
*Nit* suntanning
*1st* - God Among Lice / Fire: well played!
*2nd* - Cleaner/CIA - a valiant attempt in an unusual
medium! Its rare to have an on-point ASCII.
This only got UUDECODED for the first time
a couple of weeks ago when I began preparing
this release. Im so bad! The file
languished, encrypted and unseen, for a decade
and a half!
*3rd* - toonsxillion, plazz, sarcasm catch22 / glue:
less than the sum of its parts perhaps, but
with only three entries, you win 3rd place!
BLNDR060 Bruce Lee / procrastinating / in Iraq
*Skrubly* place: valley
*kyorice* how about toilet paper
*s4-rca* no wait.. pick-up lines
*sudndeath* sex
*F7RCA* vulva
*tox1x* PENIS
*F7RCA* cow
*F7RCA* arrdvark
*Skrubly* place: plains
*Skrubly* action: procrastinating
*pedantik* incest, turtles and bruce lee
from F7 - Iraq!
But would you believe that with a winning combination
of topics such as that, we never received any
a n d t h e n c e t o . . .
BLNDR00X firefighters / fighting fires / in saudi arabia
B2K-001 Monster / eating / Amsterdam
B2K-002 Pac-Man / sacrifice / Mount Olympus
B2K-003 Police / skiing / in Tibet
B2K-004 Clinton / burning / Scotland
B2K-005 Wizard of Oz / Jumping / Uranus
B2K-006 James Bond / spacecraft / birth
B2K-007 angel / cooking / New York
B2K-008 farmer / selling / planet of the apes
B2K-009 teddy / screaming / circus
B2K-010 superman / minigolf / australia
MISTIGRIS LIVE BLENDER devious / white / bug
o n e l a s t d i g r e s s i o n !
MrGris its easy. trust me. i would know.
Cthulu dont listen to him, hes just a bot!
MrGris dont listen to me! im just a bot!
Cthulu hes lying! its a man in a bot costume!
Cthulu Lets find out who you REALLY are!
* Cthulu rips off MrGriss latex mask, revealing...
Cthulu Mr. Cooper, from the amusement park!
MrGris - and I would have gotten away with it too, if it werent for you
meddling kids!
Nit aye ruv roo, shraggy!
bifteq heheh
b y e
the final, grudge-settling blender will be held:
tag team blender!
saturday, april 11th, 2015
7:30pm - 9:30pm est
4:30pm - 7:30pm pst
blender on EFnet
please join us. - cthulu
Nit cth: no, i think itll be more convenient for EVERYone. seriously. as it
is right now, it goes from 8:30 to 12:30am for lots of people. and these
people probably have school the next morning.
Cthulu nit - 7:30 to 10:30 pm.
Cthulu Im not taking iceland into account.
*** swede has left channel blender
Cthulu er... or sweden 8
I know, I hadnt fired up mIRC since the turn of the century either. Can you
believe they added a nag screen to it, just in time to irritate its steeply
declining userbase? Getting around this kind of BS is why we entered the
computer underground in the first place! Mumble grumble...