-- bLENDER 21 --
.,yyyyy ,4a,. ,yyyy. .,yyy
.,yyyyS lMM ,yyyaS DMl Ma,.
.MM aaaaaa Ml ,.MM aaaaaa MM: + MM aaaaaaSSaa
aa Ml .+ MM :lM a7,aSSS
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yyyyyyy,.. lM, l Sa.b.S M l
a.M.,al:lMMl laM. M Ml +
l l8 88MSaa. : lM l 8Sa.
.a8Sa,. ,,a l aSaSa, .,lS
Sa.:l: aS 7 : . +
l - s E R i A l ! a s C i i -
a Story from the freaks at serial!@
including.. .
bLACKDAWn, Compuman, discofunK
As the three guys get ready for a trip to the restraunt, they run into kermit
the frog!@
bLACKDAWn whoa!@ look! its that singing frog@ damn, i wish i could remember that damn name.
discofunk dumbass, you should know by now that is kismit the frog.
CompuMan WHAT?! are you both mental!@ his fucking name is...
KeRMiT tHE fRog
bD :.... . ... . . . ..
yayyy : yy. .yyySS Syyyy : .yyyyyyyy :
lM : Ml MM : M : MM :
MM : lM .M : ,alMMl : .aMMlyy
a. a Sa. : MMyyyyy.
l Say. Syyy :yyyyS SA Syyyyy. M
aM a. lMl :lMl :MM. 4 : MM l .yyyyyyy
aaMa , ,M Maa : Ml 7 : M .l : l
+ 7. .. ....: . M : lM
.S yy ll lMl Sa,. aMMSaa.
M SM .M. .M
yyMMa, .,aS .aaMM .aaMMa. :
7 .
-lOOKie!@ its my favorite fRog!@-
And when they got to the restraunt,,
bLACKDAWn aww shit, who farted?
discofunk Compuman did it!@ i swear!@
Compuman man, god damnit, im gonna go to the washroom and clean up.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mens Washroom..
y ymm y
my mmmymmmmmy mmmy : mmmmmmmmmy
mmymmm l ymm
. . . . . : ::mmmmmmmy mmm
. m mmmmmm . :: . . ::: .
m : mmmmmmmmmmmmm
n nmmmm m mm
: : ::mm mn mlmmmm mm : ::
,ySSy. ,ySSy. ,ySSy. ,ySSy..ySSy.
d74b d74b d74b d7474b
l: :ll: :l l: :l l: :: :l
: :mmmmmm:mmmmmm:
ewwww.. this place smells funny..
In the washroom..
bLACKDAWn DAmn this smell is getting to me.. bad...
discofunk dude! look at these neat little shells! oh wait, thats from a
movie.. woops..
Compuman Eww.. my stomache hurts.. i think im gona like vomit or something..bLACKDAWn damnit cm, cant you hold anything down?
discofunk hahah. throws toilet paper everywhere
so compuman...
.ii. . :i :i
i :ii:.i. : :y
. :iyi:.ii ii ii. i
. :ii:.iu: :i. *SS
i. :ii:.ii .**: ii,.
7 . ,i .,yyy@@QQQiy. ii. iiy,.
.iiSSii. i**. i. **iiS7
:: . . .,yyyy.ii7. y,,.. .
.*SS*.i :Qi..4iyyu****uyy S****iQQ
i.iiyyii i*******iQ .y. i*S
.liiiil. yyuyyyy ii. .ii. i .
i.*SS*.i7. iy.*i.i7i. :i
.iy,, .y..i i ii. .. . .i i:
iiy,. i7.4i. i.i *i .. ii i7 ,iiii.i
: .4i: .,,. i ii : :i .i . i
:i iiy. i: : : :ii iiiiiQ i :
ii i. S**i. i ii :i. :
:i :.ii ,. .i .* . ii ii ii
: : i ii: .i 8.: . . . ::
i ii .i i: i ii ii .ii: : i
:.i. i .i ..ii i i
: ii.i. *SSS* .ii vomiting?. ,: Qi
i. * iyyiP .yyyyyyyyiyyy i ::
i i.yiQ ii :* i
iyii yy.*** .yi y.iyyQi
ii ... ui i.:
.*.. yyi. uyyu .i
ii yii, i . . S***ii
. cM
after awhile..
bLACKDAWN god damn.. how much did you chunk!@?
Compuman everything. it sucks.
discofunk man, lets get the hell outta here..
and so the 3 doodle boys ride off into the bright blue moonlight... and so now
the story ends..
credits - Compuman, BlACKDAWn, discofunk