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. yet ANOTHER motherfucking blowaway story by the serial posse..
no guys, you cant get fucking rid of us, because we are ascii GODS.. and to
you ansi guys, who the fuck says ascii doesnt compete? fear.
this story starts off on a crowded street in san francisco. sargon, discyple,
pariah, and axe bloodline, the newest serial member, are walking down the
sargon: hey, check it out, the muppets are playing on that stage up there
tonight.. rad!
discy: i love the muppets, man!
axb: i hear that tguardians mom is miss piggy..
pariah: i got an idea.. lets dress up as the muppets, and go on stage.. well
be famous...
and so our valiant heroes ran behind the stage, stole some muppets costumes,
and put them on. sargon was kermit the frog, discyple was miss piggy, pariah
was gonzo, and axb got left out, so he sat in front of the stage.
sargon: huh huh.. discyple is a fat pig.. sorta like his mom!
discy: shut up!
they ran out on stage, and began to sing. as they began to get bombarded by
various vegetables, they realized that their plan for becoming famous wasnt
really working out, and hurried offstage, heading towards a bar. before they
could get in the door, they were met by a monstrous bouncer, wearing a hood
and a cape.
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::: 888888,dPj:
b, .::iillSSMM@@mmmm@@P,S
S@m ::lllSSSMMMMM,l
bouncer: fear me! i am pumpkinhead! take off your masks, asswads!
sargon: uhh, oh shit, were still wearing these masks..
discy: fuck you bouncer guy, smoke a COLD COCK!!
suddenly, they found themselves flying towards a nearby tree. discyple hit
the tree with a thud, and the others landed in the grass surrounding the tree.
discy: ouch.. hey, look over there at that cart that says drugs, its
a guy selling weed, lets get some!
sargon: okay.. do you have money?
discy: no...
axb: me neither
pariah: i only have ten dollars, that meatpod payed me for WHOOOLLETYPE..
they walked up to the stand..
sargon: what stuff can we get for 10?
dealer: ill sell you some of this mexican shit, mang! itll send you flying!
sargon: okay.. that sounds three one three three seven. give him the money,
pariah handed the money to the guy, and they recieved a ziplock bag full of
purplish plant. they looked around, and found a mens washroom. they promptly
entered the washroom,
myyy, Sl .,,. Sl
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, Sl G@g,,g@ G@:: : .:: b,**- -** : G@g, !L G
lS SL l j! jl l Tl l l:Sl
:: T GggGP,d::: T::: S llS room
Ll!L TPj!: ,d jS:L TP jSlj:Sl:
:::iii :::ii iiii::: iii:::::ii::: iii ::::iii:: iii
pariah pulled his 37 chamber bong out of his purse, and they began to toke up.
after about 20 minutes of smoking the purple weed, they dropped the bong
unknowingly. sargon got up, and left the bathroom, discyple and pariah started
vomiting, and axb started mumbling..
axb: dudes, do you see that??!
discy: ugh.. see what?
axb: that.. it looks like.. sargons mom!
SSSSSiSSi .. ii . -- ---
SSSi ,,, ,ii ,s,,- -----,
ii . -----,, ii -,i ,--------,,
ii,,-- ,i ,,i ,,,ssssss,,,, -, .----isssiS ,, ,ii ,ssSSSSSSii,, . .
,- ,. ii,iii is ,
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. ii iiS i i i i i . -----+--
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Sss,,,- - i, sSs, s ,. i .
...: i, s ii +---- -
.iiii . ,ss i s ii . .
. i . :
m, ,i . . ... . s ,i ,sSss,,.,iSs, ::::: :: : :+-----+
i -------+------+--+
i . ,i . .
-, i
i . , .. axb/serial .. , . md/dc1997 . ,,,,,,,, +---+
iiiiiii ...
discy: woah.. i see pariahs mom!
black jack
,,,gggg,,,,gdb,Ybg,, ,,gggg,,,
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,,gg@b,iil, ilIli ,dli ,
,i, ib, iiilliii,d,,iP,
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b, Y ,g i, ,ii ,b,P i,db,Y d, Yli ,iiP ,b,Y b, l, b, Yii, , ,ilP ,d ,d ,db,Yb,, i, b Ylli, gdb,,ilP d ,i ,gPY@@g, gP ,iP ,dP
Yb,, ,, ,,, Yd ,,. ,gP ,,,, g,,, ii, Yb, ,ggd ,il ,b,,,,gg@S ,,Yb,il,,,Yb,iP..,dP ,, ilPY gg,, YPPYb, , , ,dP,, ,illP
,,,,,, ,,ggg,, ,gg@@S,dP ,dPdlii, ,iillb, ,,P,dP iPdPYli , ilPYb
ggg@@SP ,,,ggg@@SPY, ,PYllii,Y ,gg, ,,g YP dP,gg@S@gg ,, ,, ,gg@SYb, YP dbdP YS@dY ,, Y b, YP , Y@P,P ,,, ,, ,,,,,, ,dllii, ,, ii, , ,, ,, iilllllli ,dP ili ,, , iilll
.. illii ,, ,ill
,, lli,,, iill
they sat there for about 30 minutes, then fell over and died. musta been
some bad weed.
sargon : 4
meatpod : 3
black jack: 2
discyple : 1
pariah : 1
axb : 1
PEOPLE WHO CONTRIBUTED: sargon, black jack, axb, discyple