kermits adventure in transexualism
jughead mistigris
boy-o-boy, kermit shore looks like he could use
a mens bathroom right now.. wanna know why?
well.. it goes a little something like this..
sing this song to the tune of the beverly hill billies theme
let me tell j00 a story bout a frog named kerm
he needed to get rid of his little froggy sperm
so he went to a rave and what did he do....
he met a young lady by the name of martha stooooo
stewart that is...
ima swinger.
well kermy and stew they danced the night away
kermy said, honey, its your luck day.
i got my self a condom and my cars round back....
so lets get outta here and ill get you in the saaaack.
the back seat of his pinto that is...
now ya see kermy, that was a mistake
while getting it on, kerm began to shake
stewy said, kermy what the fuck is wrong?
well.. not that long...
now kermit the frog, he ran the fuck away
it was a man! was all that he could say
he ran to a bar and he vomited his lunch
he puked and he puked and he vomited a buuuuunch
5 or 6 gallons that is...
it was a man. it was a man. it was a man
elite arial view of kermit
lying on the tile floor bizatch.
let this be a lesson to all you little tykes
gays are alright, and so are those dykes
but if you find a bitch who says her name is jim
punch em in the face, beat the shit out of him!!