fuck my english
a machine in your head. calculating. on
and on. no reset button. only the power
switch inside your right ear. makes you
bubbly like the champange you drunk while
millenium started. extra, extra, read all
about it. new fucking functions included:
power to have it, power to use it. plug and
destroy R technology. forget the fucking
meanings of love and peace. find a murderer
inside your brain. searching... please
new sterring devices attached. hey,
look! these mutherfuckers out dare standing
in the corners of your soul, where hate and
pain were born. its your only chance to
krush their hands and mouths, the only
tools they can use against you. blow up
their teeth, break their legs, slap their
faces! showem what is true power about.
dont even think about times they ruled.
whats so fucking hard? chickeeen?
you fucking lazy human being! escape
now, your hutch is opened. dont hasitate
to stand and watchem en face. feel that
pleasure? it would be grater, you can do
it.. discover the plateaux of hell. make
haste, your time is up to the end. you can
sniff them. dont hasitate, motherfucker!