newyork, newyooooooork by spi7fire & xzip
newyork, newyooooooork by spi7fire & xzip
the total bored spi7fire and xzip present their most stupeed idea ever came
out to the words Angel,Cooking and new york.
be ware from the se7en! Blender007.
...i wanna be part of it - New york, New yoooooork....
7 / in ufo, we trust
/ i
/ // / / l
:::: ::::..........:::. n3w yOrk
...And now, for the evning NEWS: the cooking contest will begin in
a few minutes, and this night the New york Angels are going to race
against the westside of mexico AKA rolonda...
o o o
o O go angels! go angels O o
oO o / oO o
:: New york Ws mexico ::
/ . // o //
...hey mike! look at that BEAUTIFUL cake the angels cooked!...