Blender!@ by Goatboy
Blender!@ by Goatboy
Word had come down from
on high that the end
was about to begin.
Aimee Giggled, and then
straightened her arms,
aiming the heavy heat-
gun at the city below.
She could already see
her fellow angels
ripping through the
places of commerce,
slaying pitifully un-
comprehending humans
with a guesture.
No, this was not the
foretold Apocalypse,
the fiery rain of w
ancient scholars had
spoken God was HUNGRY.
He thirsted for the
blood of those he had
once protected.
God had changed his
And so the great feast
Hi, this is goatboy of Sane. Just doing a little ditty for bl
ender2000 :
Angels Cooking New york. wish I had some more time, i would h
ave drawn New Yorkbut you know me.. lazyass.. and its 10:45,
the deadline is 11:00 :
goatboy of sane