9709 Info File by The Night Angel
9709 Info File by The Night Angel
AWE Lettering!
September 1997
Its school again!
Hey, whats up? Here is the answer to al
l your questions. Yes, we arestill alive but du
e to some problems, we havent been able to release this mont
heven though it was our first anniversary pack. So
, cauz of all those problemsI wont mention, except the lack
of time because of school starting back andstuff,
our first anniversary pack will only be released
at the beginning ofOctober, which is coming soon. Al
l those new things I thought would happen, likea new member
listing and a new newsletter design wont happen... the las
t fewweeks have been pretty fucked for everyone in the group.
I wont mention all the things that happened to each of u
s, but just soyou all can have an idea: I started colleg
e back after a whole year off schoolwhich gave me enoug
h time during the weekdays to run awe quite well, Discy
plestarted university in Victoria, BC,
while his girlfriend is at University ofVancouver,
so he spends his weekdays time on school stuff and his weeke
nds withhis girlfriend in Vancouver, BC. As for
Fluor, well, that bastard had as muchtime as he wan
ted to draw, but he just got lazy, we all should giv
e him a kickin the ass. As for all the others, some have been
busy with school starting backlike I already mention
ed some have probably been busy with others things... Icou
ldnt tell you, because I still havent reached everybody.
So thats about it. If you havent realized yet, this is
AWE9709, justto be sure people wont look around fo
r a pack that doesnt exist. Next month,if everything goes
right cauz Ive had troubles with my email account, so Ih
avent been able to keep in touch with people for a while, we
ll have a *good*pack with maybe new stuff and a nice cle
an up of the members, cauz we have inac-tive bastards. :
Info f
ile written and designed by
The Night Angel of AWE Lettering.