9707 Newsletter by Multiple Artists
9707 Newsletter by Multiple Artists
Awe Newsletter - Issue 10
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----------------------- -Y,P : July 1997
This month, we are really late. Summer is here and peo
ple are becominglazy and / or have better things to
do than sitting on irc all day, which makesthe commun
ication harder than what Ive planned. Thats why we
re late.
Anyhow, here is our 10th pack so far and I think were b
etter than ever,even though we dont have as much stu
ff as the previous packs.
:new members:
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. ,P,b, s,dSs,. , ,d,ss,. .,gS
9 . SP,d,
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This month, with FrgnFruz joining us and Nahal coming
back, the ascii
division is going pretty well. Joining us this month are:
FrngFruz : This guy used to be kno
wn as Plastik. It seems that most
people in the scene cant
forgive someone who ripped in the
past. Well, we do. FrgnFruz go
t some mad skills and were glad to hav
e him in.
Gunthar : What can I say?
We got him back. He still
doesnt know hes been
kicked out for inactivity, but he had a
good reason for not
being around. So we welcome him back
Looney Toon: This guy is awesome.
He draws a bit like I used to, back
in my iCE days. :
Hes from nowhere. He doe
snt even have internet access. Anyhow,
he rules.
Nahal : Another one who
had been kicked out for inactivity ac-
tually, he really quitted the scene but we didn
t know :
b,. , . .
. ,P,b, s,dSs,. , ,d,ss,. .,gS
9 . SP,d,
*.P . *
Like, no one quitted this month, YAY!. :
b,. , . .
. ,P,b, s,dSs,. , ,d,ss,. .,gS
9 . SP,d,
*.P . *
Not much happened this month. Ive been busy as hell, th
ats why I donthave much stuff in the pack. The same
happened with most members I guess.
As you noticed or will notice, I released some stuff f
rom Looney Toon,even though I have no idea if he agre
es. Milkman told me to release this stuff,because he
s the one keeping Looney Toon and I in communicatio
n. So Looney, ifyou wanna be mad at someone, be mad
at Milky. :
Also, I heard that by now, every pack must be in rar
format to be oncdrom.com. That is so stupid. Rar for
mat has been around for a while. Why shouldwe all cha
nge so radically even though rar is a better format?
Anyhow, Im notswitching to rar. So youll all ha
ve to get our packs somewhere else than oncdrom.com
. That also means that I dont wanna see anyone unzipp
ing our packs andraring them so they can be on cdrom
Well, thats about it. Nothing really happened this mont
h, which is goodsince it takes me less time to write
the newsletter. I mightve also forgettena few thin
gs. So please, forgive me if I did. :
b,. , . .
. ,P,b, s,dSs,. , ,d,ss,.
9 . SP,d,
*.P . *
Mass Murderer: Youre from NY and Im from MTL Yo.
Samurai : Yellow man. Urusai!
Vade : Join damnit!
Milie : Tes ou? :
Fluor : When are you coming back? I miss you
Halaster : The pic looks great!
Also, big greet to every groups who keep their damn packs in
, ,P
,b . ,P ,ss.
,b d ,P ,, ,P Written
by The Night Angel, ,b
d, ,P l l ,P Designed b
y Discyple.
, b d b,,,l ,P
,b,d lP.ssssb,,. ,P ,
--- ,P ---- ,P --------- , -,P --------------