9705 Newsletter by Multiple Artists
9705 Newsletter by Multiple Artists
Awe Newsletter - Issue 08
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----------------------- -Y,P : May 1997
No, were not dead. Whoever said such a thing i
s a moron. This monthspack might not be a
big as last months, but is filled with high qua
lity stuffprobably more than before. On those
words, welcome to our 8th release so far.
:new members:
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9 . SP,d,
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We did not get as many new members as last month, but
we sure had somewell appreciated members.
Dieznyik : I am not gonna writ
e anything about Dieznyik and dont
you dare asking me why. He rules. But most new
bies al- ready know that, right Die
znyik wannabes? :
Magnetic Rage: I dunno how many of
you know him, but he used to be in
that great group, Septic.
A few months after they merg
ed with Dark, he left the scene i think.
Now hes back with us as well as with
ICE. Look for his stuff in
the next pack!
b,. , . .
. ,P,b, s,dSs,. , ,d,ss,. .,gS
9 . SP,d,
*.P . *
We have not lost any members, except The Natural
, who is leaving thescene this month, but will
remain with us, since he might draw a few more ascii
slike he said, and Nahal and Pzyko go
ing inactive. I dont have much informationsa
bout those two, but we sure are gonna miss em.
b,. , . .
. ,P,b, s,dSs,. , ,d,ss,. .,gS
9 . SP,d,
*.P . *
Once again, this month, we have guest appear
ances. Avenger yeah, againand Dfuse
have donated some of their art to AWE.
Dfuse is also coming back inthe scene. He
left the scene after killing his group, shade, a few
months ago.
I would also like to mention a thing about our
binaries: if anyonecould tell me how the fuck it
is supposed to work while using the sauce,
pleasedo so, because I just cant make binaries
that work in the new acidview, withsa
uce. So to all of you who havent been able to view o
ur bin last month, checkit out with the old acidv
iew, its definatly something you shouldnt miss.
Also,theres Discyple who made one kick ass
ascii bin this month, so look at it withthe old
acidview t2 interface too.
As for the other informations, I could not tell anyone.
I have not beenaround for more than half of the mont
h because of some problems with my computerand genera
l boredom. :
Okay, so nobody checked the newsletter this month to b
e sure there wasno mistakes, so there are pro
bably alot. Shoot me. Shoot Discyple as well.
b,. , . .
. ,P,b, s,dSs,. , ,d,ss,.
9 . SP,d,
*.P . *
Whoever wants to be greeted. Oh yeah, greets to my mom bec
ause its mother daytomorrow. And to
Reset because they rock. Might as well greet
Matt, Scott, John,Brian
, Pierro, Andi, Oscar,
Xavier, JP, Peter, Fred
and Dave.. You guys rock.
Also, big greet to Cia, Dark, Fuel a
nd Lazarus..
, ,P
,b . ,P ,ss.
,b d ,P ,, ,P Written
by The Night Angel, ,b
d, ,P l l ,P Designed b
y Discyple.
, b d b,,,l ,P
,b,d lP.ssssb,,. ,P ,
--- ,P ---- ,P --------- , -,P --------------