9701 Newsletter by Multiple Artists
9701 Newsletter by Multiple Artists
Introduction.. .
This Month as probably been the worst month for AWE
yet. I couldnt geta hold on many members becau
se of xmas and the new year I guess,
so the pack isnot as big as it should be. But dont
worry, the qualitys as high as usual
As for me, it was my worst month in the scene. A bit bef
ore xmas, I be-came bored of all the
scene and havent been much on irc. Then came
xmas andthe new year. Then, my
grandmother died of a long fight against a pa
ncreas can-cer and I had to go to her funeral
and everything that goes with it. But, thishas
nt been the worst: my girlfriend spent all
the xmas holidays at my house.I dont think
I need to say that I havent had much time to draw
during thesetwo weeks :. Anyway, lets get
to the important things.
New Members.. .
This month, we added five new members to the
AWE Family, as well as ta-king one off. Wit
h these five new members, we have now 1
7 ansi artists and 7ascii artists, inclu
ding me. Here are the new members:
Discyple : After making some sort of
conspiracy with mHz, we fi-
nally got one of the best Ascii Artists i
n the scene right now. With him
and Nahal who both have a simi-
lar style Id say, AWE Asciis gonn
a kick some major ass.
Mass Murderer: No, he hasnt left iC
E. He joined us as an Ascii
Artist that means he left Fire
Sorry, I have nothing more to say about him. The b
est thing I can say is to check out h
is stuff... Pretty cool stuff. :
Nahal : Well, like I said before, he
s got an amazing style. I dont think
I have anything else to say. :
Noodles : I first saw his stuff in th
e 9611 iCE Pack and I just l
oved it, so I started bothering him and he finally
joined. Hes from Australia... I gu
ess thats why he draws a bit like
Sq2. :
Outkast : After chatting a bit with h
im, he decided to apply to AWE
, even though hes not a fontist. I think yall
already know who he is, since a lot of ppl don
t like him, even if hes one of the c
oolest guy I know in the scene.
Departure.. .
Since the beginning of AWE Lettering, we only lo
st two members. One of these two is S
ir Death, whos leaving us this month, for E
clipse since he has been in this group foreve
r. We wish him luck with em and hope hes gonna
remember AWE has a wonderful experience... So
mething that he is not gonna regret.
Information.. .
I dont have much to say about what happened this month,
since I have
no idea what happened. I never thought it could be that har
d to run a group. Wehad communication problems
: I lost contact with some members.
Anyway, all I can say is that it has been a fun month, e
ven though we
had a lot of problems.
Beside this, a sad thing happened this month: Outka
sts girlfriend hasbeen shot by some moro
n or something.. I dont know the whole story. All I
knowis that he has no idea why she has been shot. W
hat can I say?.. Outkast is to-tally fucked
up like he said. He told me he might quit the scene
hes not sureyet. So this month might be Outka
sts last release. I just hope hes going tostic
k around so we can chat again with him. Ill have fur
ther explanations nextmonth I guess..
With Discyple, Mass Murderer and Na
hal in AWE Ascii, I think we haveone of
the best ascii division in the scene. So as for now,
I dont think weregonna accept any other ascii arti
sts, except those who really kick ass.
As you already know, We had problems with the communicat
ion this month.So Id like to have some news from
Circus Freak, Noodles, Splatt
Squarepusherif possible, because I hav
ent been able to get a hold on yall.
Oh, I almost forgot: Dont email me saying that Ou
tkast ripped a fontfrom Fluor.. I know.
Fluor challenged Outkast. Anyway, t
hats a long story. :
Welp, I guess thats pretty much what I had to say. Oh
, I also have anew email address. So email me at
tnangel@generation.net if you have any ques
-tion concerning AWE or to request some logo
s of me please, dont bother askingfreebies and/or t
Greets.. .
This month, I would like to greet the following people
for differentreasons. Without these people, I wou
ldve had much more difficulties with thegroup and t
he pack.
Deeply Disturbed: For being the all-time AW
E Fruity Fan and for not
drawing my 23 liner. :
Discyple / Nahal: For their work on the
improvement of AWE Ascii.
Hydro-Qubec : For taking off the electricit
y in Fluors house.
Hos : For bothering me sooo much about his
Mass Murderer : For being such a cool guy and
a devoted iCE Member.
Widowmaker : For telling me to wait another
day before releasing.
The Night Angel AWE SS