9612 Newsletter by Samurai
9612 Newsletter by Samurai
L e t t e r i n g
Introduction: Were late!
Well, as far as I know, nothing much happened this month
. On the firstweek of the month, I had no inspirati
on. Then, from the 8th to the 28th of themonth, I ha
d no computer: my motherboard fried, so I couldnt
draw much. WhenI got my computer back, I had almost
nothing on my hd, only corrupted files. ButFluor had
all the latest version of my logos i hope so, so th
ere is nothing tobe worried about, except that I lost
my Free Coke setup. Anyway, enough talkingabout me,
lets get to the important things.
New Members: Yay! :
This month, we had five new members:
Magnetic M : Do I really need to say anyth
ing about Maggie? I really dont
think so :. He is still going to release hi
s pics with iCE though, b
ut were going to have all his fonts in
Megga Hertz : He is, in my opini
on, the best oldschool-type ascii artists
these days I dont know much about asciis t
hough, so there might be better artist
s than him, but still, he rules. We
welcome him aboard and wish him luck, since he
s in charge of the AWE Ascii Divis
ion. Thats right, every ascii application
should be sent to him.
Splatt : What can we say about
Splatt? Another great guy who needs no
introduction. Hes the newschool font master
Squarepusher: We got that g
raffiti-style guy from Samsara.
I have been annoying him since the dea
th of Samsara to join AWE, and
after two months of begging, he final
ly joined. Be prepared to be amazed by
his stuff in the next pack.
Zoltar : Well, I dont know if
people know Zoltar, but he once was one
of the coolest fontists year ago Id say,
when he was in Spastic. As
for now, I am not sure if he is staying in Fire
too, but at least, hes with us. :
Information: What happened this mo
Well, this month we got some pretty good stuff
too, even though we allhad some major problems: ie,
Widowmaker fucked his Windows 9
5 or, maybe Win95fucked by itself, not t
hat impressive, eh? and his dad didnt le
t him touch thecomputer because of that.
Samurai got a hard disk cr
ash and lost all of hisansis. Colourless
got all his ansis deleted by his dad,
cauz there wasnt enoughplace on his hd li
ke ansis take that much spaces. Warpus
decided to releaseall her stuff in
Lazarus premier pack or something
what it is anyway?. SirDeaths
mom stopped paying for thei
r account so he hasnt been able to dcc mehi
s stuff on time. And finally, it took around
a week maybe a bit more to mydad before
he got the computer fixed.
In rsum: Word to our parents! :
We had a proposition in the beginning o
f the month: Deeply Disturbedtold u
s he was going to release all his fonts with
us. But now, I doubt we aregoing to get any,
since he now runs a new group called Twilight
. If you haventlooked at the pack yet, you
MUST do it!
We might have gotten five new m
embers, but we also lost one. Yep, ourgood old buddy
Cheeze left us for Eclipse since we
decided to come back with theall logo policy
if you remember, we had ansi pictures last month.
Thats alsothe reason why I joined Fire. I s
tarted to draw ansi pictures again, really.
As you mightve noticed, we got asciis in the pack. Th
ats because wefinally created an ascii division to
AWE. As for now, there are only four asciia
rtists: Fluor he was once in Wicked,
Hos I dunno if he has ever been in anyascii
groups, Me I used to be in Oil, but
i never released anything. Actually,thats my third
ascii ever in the pack and Megga Hertz from
ACiD Ascii, whosa real ascii dude :. He
s also the coordinator of this section.
Information: Whats in the pack?
For some of us, this month was a Black Wh
ite month. Yep, BW fonts.I did all
black and white stuff except for the ba
ckgrounds. Fury who is nowknown
as Hos did a lot of B
W stuff too. Magnetic M did some 15
-07-08 fontswith some colored backgrounds like I
did. Even Samurai, who only did one logot
he newsletter header is in Black White. It
sure is cool, but we definatlyhope its not
going to happen again, cauz colors are cool too. :
Another thing, Grindstone got bored of that ol
d ACID Draw logo, so hecaptured it and modif
y it. Then, he asked me to shade it. He DEFINATLY
hastime to spend, so please, request him some logos
. Email him at Fluors address:Fluor@Gen
eration.Net. Oh, and please, dont release any
file saying he rippedthe guy who drew that font.
I guess thats all I had to say about our stuff this mon
th. So have funlooking at it. Comments and
suggestions are always welcome.
Closing comments: Also known as gr
I would like to thank every one who helped us with the p
ack and all themembers who contributed to it
as well. Id also like to thank everyone i
n thescene who beleive in us and those who think
fonts deserve a place among all theansi pictures
out there. You guys rule! :
There are also people I would personnaly like to greet:
Deeply Disturbed: For being the AWE Fru
ity Fan. :
Dystro : For some reasons that wont be me
ntioned in this pack.
Hennifer : Because Samurai asked me
to greet him. I also say hi. :
Infusium : Because he asked me to greet him
and because hes cool. :
Magnetic M : For beleiving in us, as w
ell as for joining us.
Mass Murderer : For all his support and because h
es a cool guy.
Megga Hertz : For bringing Asciis in AWE
And everybody else who gave us comments and suggestions abou
t AWE.
- The Night Angel