9611 Newsletter by The Night Angel
9611 Newsletter by The Night Angel
AWE Lettering 1996
October 1996 Newsletter 9611
Introduction.. .
Whats up all.. Just wanna say a few things about AW
E before you go andview the second pack. AWE
is brought to you by two of the greatest fontis
ts aswell as two of the nicest guys ive seen in the
computer art world. These two,aside from be
ing able to draw some of the best fonts known to t
he scene, havetaken the time out, approximately four
months ago, and taught me how to drawansi fonts..
Now, they both moved on to create a new kind of gr
oup in the ansiscene, a group that respects the views
of the logo artists, a group that is madeup of.. wel
l, logo artists, and some of the bests, i must say. I
d like to thankeveryone in the group for being par
t of this logo breakthrough in the scene.AWE
is more than a group, it is also a redefinition
of ansi logos, which havealways been overlooked.
Now, on that note, welcome to the second pack of
Mass Murderer iCE
Informations.. .
Hey, The Night Angel speaking.. Wh
ats up? Nothing much happened thismonth except mayb
e our bud The 4th Disciple leaving the group
for Klex something a group founded by
Dieznyik and a few new faces to AWE.
These new facesconsist of:
Cheeze : Formerly of Eclipse, he joined AWE a
fter the death of his group. I think he is pretty
well known to the scene. He is like, a new scho
ol toon god or something
Pzyko : I first saw this guy in Eclipse, eve
n though he has been in a
couple of other groups. His style looks a bit like wei
rd graf- fiti.. I dunno how to call that, but h
e is DAMN good, so check
out his stuff. He rules.
Samurai : Coming from Dark, Samurai will be du
aling with a new group he
started, which is called Project 3oi or something. I t
fell in love with that Earth/2 logo he released in Dark
I dunno when though, so I let him in, and beg
him to see more fonts
like that one.
Skold : Heres another guy from Eclipse. He
is also known as Sir Death. I just dunno which n
ick he decided to take, so lets call him
Skold for this month :. Hes coming to AWE from ACiD
I think,
which he has been in for a month or something, after le
aving Eclipse.
Warpus : What can i say about her? Shes like
a phunk master. I wouldve liked to say more, b
ut master defines quite well what she is.
Widowmaker: That guy came to us from Eclipse too
we like, got all Eclipse
members after the death of the group :. Widowmaker u
sed to draw some kinda newschool fonts. But a
fter helping him a bit,
he became some kinda weird graffiti-looking fontist, I
have no idea how I could describe him. Im pretty happ
y he has
been refused to iCE, so were going to have ALL his log
os in the group. Its just to bad for iCE.
These guys have all some pretty cool stuff this month, check
it out.
This month, we were also proposed by Halaster
to merge with Fire andcreate the Fi
re Font Division. I kinda liked the idea of bei
ng in Fire, sinceHalaster is a prett
y cool guy. After talking a bit with Fluor
, we agreed thatit would be better not to merge.
We were also proposed by The 4th Discipleb
efore his departure Dieznyik to merge with
a new group created by DieznyikI think. A
fter puting the channel +i, kicking a few people and
having a longtalk, we decided that we werent gonna
merge with any groups, since it does notcorrespond w
ith the idea we have on AWE. So dont even b
other asking. :
A pretty sad thing happened at the beginning of the mont
h, which is thedeath of a totally awesome group:
Samsara. The death of the group is a pretty
weird thing to me, since i havent read the Samsara
newsletter yet. As far as Iknow, Eerie
decided to kill the group, because he reached his goa
l, which i haveno idea what it was, but was certainl
y not that hard to reach, since they onlyreleased f
our packs :. Anyway, we hope every members of
Samsara enjoy theirstay wherever they are no
But unfortunatly, the death of Samsara brings
us a problem, which isrelated to ansi pictures
: where are we gonna release our pics now? W
ell, asfor now, we only have a few, so we do not care
that much about it, but we shouldhave a lot more ne
xt month December 1996. So after giving
out ideas aboutwhat to do with em, we finally agre
ed on something: every month, if there areenough pic
s, there is gonna be a zipped file in the pack, whi
ch is going to becalled PICSyymm.ZIP, where
yy is year and mm the the month
of the presentpack. So every month we hope so, th
ere is gonna be a zipped file with all thepics. Id
like to say that the idea came from Legend, w
hich used to have a filecalled FONTSxx.ZIP wi
th all the logos of the month. I remember how piss
ed offi was when i saw the Legend Homepage,
with that text from Neurotic, explainingwhy
they were doing this. They said it was because
fonts arent art. Well,Neurotic
if you are reading this, which i really doubt :, i
dont considercomic rips has being
art either, so fuck off. Oh, and another
thing, i dontconsider those fonts you
put under your pics has being art. major grin
But, were are still talking about that zip. Some people
agree and someothers dont. As for now,
I doubt there is ever going to ha
ve a PICSyymm.ZIPfile. So like, forget that
paragraph I wrote :.
I wrote that paragraph two weeks ago, thats why we
kinda changed ourmind. But I still think what I wrot
e about Legend and Neurotic.
Members Speak .. .
Btw, Warpus wanted to say a few things to all of
you, guys. So here isher little letter...
Theres something Id like all of you to know. Contr
ary to popularbelief Im actually a chick. I
ve been trying to be a guy all my life. I dressedup
as a guy, and I even...... But I wont get into that
thank tna. A coupledays ago I realized th
at what I was doing was stupid and just... Not fair
to myfriends. Sorry Ive been lying to all of you a
ll these years. Ill make it upto you. Somehow..
I know this must come as a shock to some of you, especi
ally my friendsfrom 519. But... What can
I say? I was just trying to fit in. I was justtry
ing to be cool. Please forgive me...
Signed, Warpus
Theres also Widowmaker who wanted to blabble a
few things. Heres whathes got to say :
Word, this is Widowmaker here. Well, as you
may or may not know, Ifucking BLEW before I met TNA
and Fluor. I love you guys and I owe alot to you,bec
ause you have both helped me and influenced me so m
uch in the past severalweeks. Ive come a long way
from the time I met those guys a couple months agoand
I really appreciate what they did. Also, Warpus,
I seriously wanna knowwhat the fuck you are? : OH
!.. Id also like to add a comment about my homiesir
death: I can mack any bitch -sir death. Well, me
and infusium decided tosee if this was true or not, s
o we all went to the mall or whatever and fuckingput
ad to man, now you get one cut on me :P.. ANYWAYS,I h
ope everyone loves the AWE pack, I know Im going to..
Useless Stuff g.. .
Ive included a copy of Cheezes discussion with
Nom de Plume aka SoulManager in th
is month pack because I feel kinda concerned about w
hat happened,since the guy used my name to get Sp
inal Gammas setup and that Rai, Defi
ant andCheeze are friends of mine. But
Im not including AWE in this fight
. I justthought itd be the best way to let people k
now that there might be another fakeThe N
ight Angel on their board.
Oh, yeah, another thing: that lamer said he was going
to take all theFree Coke ansis that have be
en done, make a setup and run it. So like, dontcal
l the fake Free Coke and wait till i get my l
ine. :
Conclusion.. .
This Month, I would like to dedicate the pack to The
Despised aka Maestro Keep up the go
od work, Steve Youll become as elite
as you used to be! :
I would like to greet the following persons for different
reasons, which arefrom help and comment
s, to providing us some inspiration, etc.
Magnetic M, Aphex Twin, Syntax Error
, Lord Jazz, Eerie, Halaster,
Iodine, DeeplyDisturbed, Cold an
d Ugly and finally, Mass Delusion.
I would also like to greet my girlfriend, Annie, w
ho went to some stupid partytonight, so I can have th
e time to get that second pack out.