9610 Newsletter by TNA / 4thds / Eerie
9610 Newsletter by TNA / 4thds / Eerie
l e t t e r
Revenrential fear, the feeling or emotion insp
ired by the contemplation of
something sublime, a sense of profound admirat
ion and respect, reverence.
... And thats what its all about. :
Welcome to the first rele
ase of AWE, the only group which still con
fonts as being art. You kno
w, people dont care that much
about fonts
these days. Well, as a logo group, we do. Showing y
ou awesome logos is
what were here for.
As for now, we only have eight
members, but we hope to get a few soon. If
you think you are good enough or have a
lot of imagination and cr
dont hesitate, contact us. Wed love to h
ave your presence in the group.
People with original styles
have a lot more chances of getting in
people using ripped styles.
If you wanna contact us for any reas
ons, please email us to one of these
tnangel@odyssee.net The Night A
fluor@wizy.uit.net Fluor
tribe@cris.com The 4Th Disci
doomed@voicenet.com Eerie
Questions concerning the Awe/Samsara al
Now, lets talk a bit about each mem
bers so you know where theyre from.
Circus Freak
Circus Freak used to be known as Zippe
rhead and Kerplunk, and was
part of groups such as Alive, Relic, Shiver, CiA an
d Spastic. His
work in Samsara as a picture artist didnt stop him
from releasing
logo work with Awe from now on.
Formerly of GRIP, that guy only release
d twice in his life, including
this months release, even though he has been drawi
ng for almost a year
now. If you wanna check out his old stuff, look fo
r the December 1995
GRIP Pack.
Eerie decided to join the ever-growing
awe bandwagon by submitting
his monthly ratio of fonts. He is currently headin
g Samsara.
Formerly of ACiD, iCE Samsara, Fluor h
as been drawing for a bit less
than a year. His wicked style is a good addition t
o the group.
Fury from Eclipse fame teams up with us.
His style is reminiscent of
the days when originality meant something. With o
riginality seeping
through his work, we hope you enjoy his style as m
uch as we do.
Formerly of iCE, this weirdo artist ha
s only been drawing for eight
months and joined iCE after four months of drawing.
His messy outline
style gives a good variation to most logos we see t
hese days.
The 4th Disciple
Formerly of Mistigris, Saga, Decades, To
on, and Dark, this logoist has
showcased his abstract logo work for 2 years now. H
e has just recently
joined ACID and hopes to make an impact there.
The Night Angel
Formerly of iCE and Saga, this logo art
ist as a cool style and doesnt
know what to say since hes writing this informatio
n file. You probably
already know him anyway :
Well, that was pretty much what i
had to say about the group. If you have
any questions, email me. Now, heres a lil hello fr
om our good ol friend
The 4Th Disciple. :
Oh, by the way, check this out, here
s the quote of the month. Thats cool:
SGrunger if you ban *!tn
a*@* ill do you a logo
The Night Angel
Well, being one of the only non-fr
enchies in this group its about time I
had a chance to speak. For about 2 years now, too m
any logoists are coming
out copying tutorials and the like. This creates a la
ck of creativity in the
scene. At present time there far too
many similar logos from artists. At
AWE our goal is to redefine the logo as an
art form. Like a picture.
Tired of the same old style over and
over again, were here to raise that
level of skill. Not everyone will be accepted, and on
ly those that show a
good understanding and have their own style will be co
We know full well of the attitude of
the scene towards logos. Where people
want logo collections released and not individual p
ieces. This is solely
up to the artist here at AWE, unlike most
groups, the artist still retains
the right to showcase anyway they wish.
Thats it for me. My little input, i
f you will. Id like to thank The Night
Angel for giving us logoists a place to express our
selves. Watch out for
for future releases from AWE.
The 4Th Disciple
Ansi is more than just art - its al
so design.
And just like anything related to de
sign, fonts and logos are things you cant
really put apart. Part of the actual revol
ution in graphical arts is due to
the use of new typefaces,
all of which are the results of countless
experiments. Designers such as David
Carson Raygun magazine or Vaughan
Oliver v23, 4AD records made
a name for themselves mostly by doing
that kind of stuff.
Font design used to be routine work
in early days of ansi. Jed was one of the
first to incorporate real typefaces in
his pictures - some of you might
re- member, for example, the old english font
he used at the end of the animation
he did for the dark society in 1994.
Furthermore, artists like pnakotic,
hannibal lecter mca countless
others im not a namecheck type guy :
also worked in designing specifi
cly styled logos that served as influences
for the next generation of logois
Still, there is very little room for
logos in the scene nowadays. Most tend to
put them apart or treat them as necessary
evils, which they are not - at le
ast, not anymore.
So hats off to The Night Angel Flu
or in starting a group such as AWE.
But enough about that. I have some m
ore stuff to talk about and i know
my lagness is whats delaying the pack right now
Basically - i say it quick because
theres gonna be more about this in the
next samsara pack - there is now an alliance bet
ween samsara and AWE allowing
artists from both groups to dual in the other al
lied group.
Sounds confusing? Who cares. you don
t have to understand right now.
The important is the typeface. You dont even h
ave to read it.
were in the 90 - readability has nothing to do
with quality.
Eerie d