Newsletter #21 by Multiple Artists
Newsletter #21 by Multiple Artists
AWE Lettering
Newsletter 21
We, as artists, all work towards and strive for a common goal. Obviously, we all take some satisfaction and are inspired by what we and others contribute
to the underground art scene. Without the artists - without us, this scene
becomes nothing.
When we question the validity of the scene, we question the validity of the
people participating in it. The ideology that the scene is insignificant is
one of apathy and indifference. In order to combat these misplaced attitudes
and see our little world thrive, it is essential that each of us realize how
intricate we in fact are. Its sad to imagine that so many could stop caring,
that so many could move on without a look back.
So when you start feeling that youre here for nothing, think back to when you
first came into this powerful, moving, creative force we call our scene.
Remember the times you have been inspired. Remember the friendships youve
forged with people around the world. Personally, I find those reasons enough
to stick around. If you dont, perhaps youre in the wrong scene.
Member Additions
Newsletter 21
It was a month of reunion for Awe, as three ex-members realized that no other
group can compare to us and returned to what they know best. We also welcome
two fresh to Awe anyhow faces to the roster.
Deviant - recruited by Absent Spinsister late in the month, Deviant draws
ascii the way it ought to be drawn. One of the scenes premier newschool
fontists, he comes to us from Mimic.
Featured works: dev-awe.asc.
Gloss - this multi-talented Ice-advertiser drew with Awe for our revival pack,
then saw it in his own best interest to concentrate on Ice. But, hes back and
kickin, prepared to show the scene what he has to offer... and we cant wait.
Featured works: unknown.
Haji - the guy requires no introduction. Hes an ascii guru and were damn
proud that hes finally decided to join up.
Featured works: h4-awe1.ans.
Nahal - formerly Awes ascii division leader, Nahal parted the group as he allegedly hung up his ascii jersey for good. Rumour has it, though, that some
brand new Nahal pieces will be showing up in packs to come.
Featured works: unknown.
Phony Eye - also an Awe veteran. His unique, immediately recognizable fonts
will add a wonderful flavour to the packs. Practicing the toon ansi medium,
Phony abandoned his sinking ship and is currently basking in the divine light.
Featured works: unknown.
Member Departures
Newsletter 21
Plazz chose to leave after portfolio 20, admittedly bored and unsatisfied with
the scene. We dismissed Pariah due to the fact that hes not submitted since
his arrival to the group. Lastly, Cleaner left to focus on the demo scene and
school. His last two releases with us appear in this pack.
Newsletter 21
AWE Lettering 21 is brought to you this month despite a few group misunderstandings and communication obstacles. Amidst these minor problems,
we continued to strive to supply you with the scenes most astounding collectionof fonts. Well let you be the judge.
Endless appreciation to Devious, who is now monitoring awe with his two lovely
If youll recall, last month I mentioned that The Night Angel and Grindstoned
had a remixed version of our old member listing in the works. Simply put, that
idea has been scratched. Grindy felt he ought to concentrate on his other pieces for the time being, therefore - TNA will unveil his always-impressive
template to serve as our new permanent member list in AWE Lettering 22.
Two birthdays to mention this month within Awe: Grindstoned turned 20 on
January 20th, and Riddler turned 17 on January 30th. Best wishes to both!
Id like to note a few corrections on several mistakes made in the course of
preparing last months release. With the hectic holidays and bustle of new
year celebrations, its easy to slip here and there. Such as on our informationfile, the dividing bar read Newsletter 19 rather than Newsletter 20. Also, a couple typing errors on my part were made. Finally, one sauce
description read AWE Promotional instead of AWE Lettering. Although it may
seem unnecessary to mention such blemishes, a professional-looking pack is
something we struggle for.
Again, weve reached the end of another month and another newsletter. If youd
like to provide the group with feedback, Ill most likely be opening a new
discussion base on Acheron where you can post your comments. Thanks for readingand enjoy the pack.
Dissonance, Council - AWE Lettering
Designed By
The Night Angel
and Phony Eye