Newsletter #19 by Multiple Artists
Newsletter #19 by Multiple Artists
AWE Lettering
Newsletter 19
This months newsletter lacks an introduction. I disregarded it with
hasty abandon, vowing to get the pack out on time! Read on.
Member Additions
Newsletter 19
Leonardo was the first to forge with the Awe machine this month. His
brilliantly exorbitant use of the colour palette and unique logo concepts prove him to be among the scenes most aspiring fontists. Upgrading our admittedly scarce-of-recent ascii department are two dollar-bill demigods. Expect Pariah
and Abstrakt to wow you in months to come.
Member Departures
Newsletter 19
Were not ashamed to admit it - we at Awe wept this month, as Bizzarro
bid an abrupt farewell and set sail for Avenge.
Newsletter 19
Although not completely lackluster, it was a fairly slow month for Awe.
Of course, we still managed to throw together what I believe is a very
respectable pack. With that said, Id like to talk a bit about what weve got
lined up for next month - AWE Lettering 20. The new year is undoubtedly a time to celebrate, and we will ring it in with just that - a celebratory pack
a hallmark of sorts. Id rather not drone on about how were going to shut
down every other group in the scene, but I will say that weve got a few neat
surprises lined up for you, the viewer. Something to look forward to, if nothing else.
We did receive some guest work this month, but weve chosen to save all of the guest pieces for 20. Remeber that appearances are always welcome - findme on IRC if you fancy.
Well, thats the end of our story tonight. Have a safe and enjoyable
holiday, and lets make 1999 a year to remember. Before I go.. theres nothing
more cruel than wandering your local shopping centre yelling Santa isnt real at every child you see. I witnessed some ingrate doing that today. Not cool.
Dissonance - President, AWE Lettering
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