Newsletter #17 by Multiple Artists
Newsletter #17 by Multiple Artists
AWE Lettering
Newsletter 17
When I first became interested in the ansi art scene, I had no idea whatI was getting into. I never dreamed, two-odd years ago, that I would ever become a part of something so personal, so inspiring. When I recollect the events of the last two years, I find myself in a state of rapture a state of awe, if you will. To think that such a community exists segregated from so manypeople is astounding, and I feel a great sense of pride and privilege to be a part of it all.
As I first began to discover the motivation behind ansi art, and the artscene itself, I downloaded my first Awe pack. Now, I had drawn purely fonts at
this time, and have remained a fontist to this day. Therefore, I seemed to holdan appreciation for the division that wasnt trivially displayed in common groupreleases. To put it mildy, I was dumbfounded.
I viewed incredible talent, logos drawn by unfamiliar names. In my newbie ignorance, I was gazing upon the works of people whom I had never even
heard of. Yet, I was already worshipping. This pack, which served as the kick
start to my ansi career thus far, moved me to form a new goal for myself. I would be an Awe Lettering member.
Just as my art was reaching new levels, I was informed that Awe had beensilenced. The Night Angel, after months of frustration, had decided to end his masterpiece. Imagine my despair... and imagine my joyful disbelief as Awe was
revived, and I was not only accepted but made president. And this is where I
stand now. Alex, I assure you I will take your group long into the future, and
you can feel content in knowing that what you have worked so hard for, your
accomplishment, will live on.
Perhaps it seems silly to you that I allow emotion to run so freely oversomething of this nature. Awe means a lot to me, and I hope this has helped youto understand just how much. For the love of art... enjoy the pack.
Member Additions
Newsletter 17
AWE Lettering, oh-so-fortunate as we are, prouldy welcomes two new members this month. Fishie, a seasoned coder and internet specialist extrodanaire has graced us with his divine presence. Thankfully, our beloved awe is now maintained by AWEsome, courtesy of our new internet co-ordinator. Secondly, Unsane made his glamorous return to Awes ranks. Innovator of the squared letter font style, Unsy never really left Awe in spirit.
Member Departures
Newsletter 17
Sadly enough, we broke even. Reflective of the previous paragraph, Awe saw two well-respected artists drift and break away from the group. Gloss said goodbye in hopes of achieving immortality in Ice - best of luck to you. Also, Shrimp, recognizing his recent inactivity, felt it best to be on his way.
Newsletter 17
Salutations, and welcome to AWE Letterings 17th release. A release
filled with trials and tribulations - a somnambulistic escapade of epic proportions well, not really... but some damned good art work just the same.
Most formal apologies to Riddler, who was mistakenly left out of last
months member listing. He is very much a part of Awe. I hope you werent offended RR.
You mayve noticed that I declared applications welcome in last months font showcase. It seems that I was incorrect in this, as Awe has a history of remaining invite-only. Hence, if we want you, well tell you.
Though we are stingy in who we allow into the group, guest appearances
are always welcome. : Infinite respect to Taintedx, who took advantage of the
mentioned fact. Be sure to gawk at his stuff in upcoming Ice packs.
Anyhow, that about wraps it up. Count the clichs in the months
newsletter and E-Mail your totals to for a neat prize. Happy
Designed By
The Night Angel
and Phony Eye